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Karen....what a beautiful collection!!! I can't choose my them all so much and can't wait to start using them!!! you still amaze me on how creative you are and have 4 kiddos under one roof! :)


I love the large hearts and the French Blue belle collection! I will have to inspect it more closely at CHA next week!


Oh my goodness, I am in love with those cardstock circle stickers! Can't wait to get my hands on this new stuff :)


Wow, all your designs are beautiful and sophisticated. I can't wait to get my hands on them so I can start playing decoratively!!

susanne ponce

you won't ever get a "stop it" comment from me about the black & cream. those circles are the coolest! i love the colors you put together. and the 'sweet pea noir' paper is to die for. i usually only buy one sheet of pattern paper but this is one that goes in the 'i better grab 3 or 4' catagory!


And I'm glad to hear you will continue making product using black & cream. It's my absolute favorite. I will never tire of it!


LOVE IT ALL!!!! Congratulations on everything (I think i was the last person on the planet to read about your engagement!!!!)...
Come back to the Oasis very soon, ok?? Hugs!


oh this is all wonderful!! please stop designing such beautiful bank account can't cope!!! (seriously though I will so be buying all of this!!)

Laura plunk

WHAT DO YOU MEAN "Shipping in October"!!??? I don't think I can wait that long......
And I want all of it !!!!
LOVE,LOVE,Love it !
laura P

Becky (beckywed)

As usual Karen I totally love it! Can't wait to see it in stores -- thanks so much for sharing!

Becky (aka: beckywed)

Barb McCarthy

Can I order 1 of everything right now? I'm serious!
BTW Congrats!


Amazing! There goes any hope for a budget this October :)


Holy smokes. This is one of the first things being released this CHA that I HAVE to have. Love everything - the papers, frame transparencies, circle stickers.

Amazing as always Karen!

Teresa B

Love it.. can't wait to get my hands on it!!


HOLY COW this stuff is all amazing!!


Dude, seriously, don't stop making the black & cream stuff. It's actually the only stuff in my stash I use on a regular basis, if you stop designing with those colors, I'd be forced to stop scrapping. And you don't want that living in your conscious forever would you? :)

Tanya Webster

LOVE LOVE LOVE (what a shocker huh??? :)

Rebecca S

Oh wow. Amazing stuff!!! I am seriously loving the journalling tags especially. I don't know if I can wait until October...

Shelly VanWormer

I love all your stuff.I especially love the antique cream collection. It is so versatile. It can dress up and down. I can't say enough about it. I will have to have a bunch of it, I just love it so much. Thank you for creating such beautiful and inspiring products. Did I mention that I love it.


WOW oh WOW! I am drooling! I love the hearts! And those papers are just gorgeous! Cant wait to be able to purchase it!


OMG, you did it again ! Those circles are a must-have, what a wonderful idea ! Love everything, but having to wait for it for soooooo long nearly kills me !


Don't stop putting out new black and cream! I love it, it's so versatile.

Mary Lou

OCTOBER!! Oh my how are we going to able to wait that long? Seriously, I love it all so I will tell Shelly to order it all for us gals in Salem.


Love the circles. Very unique!! Good job - keep up the good work. I can't wait to see some layouts with the new products.


It is ALL gorgeous, Karen! Love it! Great job, girl! :)


love the black and cream - it will never go out of style for me. And the concentric circles are WOW.

Michelle OKeefe

Karen, I just LOVE it ALL ! Me too - on the Antique Cream - LOVE THAT.

Cheryl Sullivan

LOVE it all! The antique cream is my FAVORITE!

Lori Gentile

Wow, Karen! I love it all. I especially love the blue and black. It's all a must have!


Ok Karen, I knew it, I am TOTAllY in love with this new stuff!! Can't wait to get my hands on it! You are AWESOME!!

Victoria Vicary

I love, love, love your new stuff (and old for that matter). I would be so happy if you were to create a "bundle" and sell it on QVC. It is a great way for us scrappers to be greedy and have the whole set without breaking the bank. So, please pass that along to the good folks that manufacture your products. Keep up the good work and I love reading your blog.

Terri Barton

First of all, I love the bangs on Annie, almost as much as I love the Pat Benatar hair! What a HOOT! I didn't think you could possibly give me more that I would love, but you have. What a superb release! October will be forever in coming. And don't stop making the black and cream, I keep hoarding it because I think I won't be able to get more, I am so happy that I can!!! Have fun on your trip!

mandy friend

I admire your work so much,, I also live in gp, i have 3 kiddos and am an amatuer photographer, I relate to just about all you say, makes me laugh, hope to take one of your classes @ scrap connection soon, God Bless


You're so freaking talented! I love this stuff. It's SO yummy! And please, never stop making your cream, ruled, scalloped edge paper...I use it on almost everything.

kim in Camas

You're amazing!

kimberly ackerman

Beautiful, beautiful... I can't wait to see it (ok, buy it) in person. The black and creams are a favorite of mine too. I turn to your products often to add just the right finishing touch to projects. Thanks for your inspiration.

Kay Ward

Oh Karen! Not that I don't love your previous collections (and have purchased way too much!) but these are just the loveliest designs I have seen. I can't hardly wait until they are in the stores. You have way too much talent for one person! Thanks for sharing these pictures.


I love the antique cream collection!!!! cant wait to get my hands on it!


i seriously have to wait that long...? bummer, and being in the middle of no man's sb land is even worse! MT has absolutely hardly ANYTHING girl! these new lines are super scrumptious! i love the new rub-ons in black & the black/white/cream stuff is what i want! YUMM-o!


Wow! Can't wait for all of this to come out. You always make great stuff! I agree with the people who can't wait for Oct. to get here! Thanks for the peek!! Gina :)


This is Beautiful, I love them all. I need to learn how to journal,LOL. Love the colors, Pink & Black & Turquoise and Black are my fav. combinations :)

Mary Ann

Well, girlie, you've done it again! I love it, and can't wait to get my hands on it, but I can't stand that I have to wait until October. UGH!!


oh...I am so screwed when this releases! at least I have a few months to save for ALL of it!!!

you never disappoint!

Heather Preckel

Love it all so much Karen! ;)

tara pollard pakosta

you are soooooooo talented!!!!!!
i adore the black/cream collection sooo MUCH!
keep it coming!


These are beautiful. I like all of them. Cannot pick a favorite because they are all gorgeous.

Diane DiTullio

Congratulations Karen on such a fabulous release! You've outdone yourself yet again! :)


YUMMY...every last bit. Can't wait to get my hands on some.


I want it all!!

I love your stuff! and I doubt we will ever beg you to quit making the cream. It rocks!

Diana Zayto

Wow! What a great stuff!! I love it all, especially the French Sweet Pea Collection :-)

Vicki Boutin

Gorgeous stuff!!!!!!!!!

Jen K

I want it ALL!!!!!!!! :)


oh these are gorgeous
i want it all too!!

kelly jo

Love, love, love the sweet pea! Everything is just beautiful and I love that you kept it cost friendly. =)

Becky Schoelich

Karen, your new lines are stinkin' fabulous! (In our store, stinkin' is a GOOD thing.) You can just keep the black and cream coming, because it's a wonderful basic for any paper crafter, with a beautifully elegant twist. As for the rest, I love it all, and October is WAY too far away!!!


Love it all! It is absolutely gorgeous as always! I agree October is way too far away!


Can't wait to get my hands on these! The drool is becoming a little too much!


Ok now - you are SUCH a bad influence on me. I just NEED to have all that gorgeous stuff. I just wish you wouldn't be so dang talented and creative
*goes off to find some pennies behind couch*


OMG i love it all! ALL of it!!! ALL!!!!!

Stacy Bassett

Absolutely beautiful and will definitely get the blues and the circles!



I just lo-o-o-ve swatch books. - it is all beautiful


oh my these are beautiful.


You're making us wait for this gorgeous stuff? Oh my goodness..I want it all right now. I will definitely be stoppen' by at the CI booth with our buyer for "The Scrapbook Shop" while at CHA this week. I'm so excited to see these lines in person. I'm sure we'll be purchasing many of these items for the store. Thank you for sharing.


Oh my!!! I must have it all, especially the heart one!


I have just got to get my hands on some of this. It's all so beautiful!

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