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Kathy C.

What GREAT photos of Annie! can you NOT smile and forget your troubles! Made mine disappear!


Cute pictures! Ohhh, London over my b-day! I'll be thinking of you!

Gemm Sy

Karen, do you still have available kits for the Snapshots of a Good Life???? Email me. Thanks.

Rochelle McGee

Oh my- I cannot believe you were in Crescent City! My parents grew up there and I spent many a summer there as a child. I now live in Albany NY and my parents have since moved on but I still have many family members in Crescent City-thanks for the incredible wave of nostalgia!

Rochelle McGee

Sorry, I was so excited I forgot to ask-what beach did you visit and where is that pirate?

Jo E

OMG. London! Did you really say London! Hoorah - I shall book my place today. Thanks for the heads up Karen!


OMG I AM SO EXCITED that you are coming to the UK ... I've just been and booked my place at Scrapfever just now before commenting!! I love your work and am so excited that I will be able to do a class with you IN REAL LIFE!!!!

heather (in Scotland)

Hurrah, you're coming to the UK! Still 360 miles away from where I live, and at nearly $600 probably a wee bit more than I can afford to spend on scrapping but hey, it's a step nearer. :)


Love these photos. This is one very sweet little baby! Are the kits still available?

Melissa Priest

Glad you got those 14 minuets of relief! Hang in there - its going to get better!


LONDON - Scrapfever sooooo excited off to go and try to book my place ASAP, after checking with Hubby and seeing if I can get my friend to come too. Thanks Karen for coming over to see us very,very excited now!!


Hi Karen
A little late reading blogs, but I will be in your classess at The Paper Garden in Amarillo Texas - can't wait to take your classes, and see what you have up your sleeve!

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