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Tanya Webster

and I can see that those carpets are perfectly clean...must make the day all that much more perfect :) LOL!! Have a GREAT day missy!


:) I'm glad your mood is lifting:)

Terri Barton

Believe me, you are not the only one who is glad each day starts anew! Just breathe. And keep blogging. You are so REAL that I just love it! Thank God that you do not post endless platitudes about life and scrapping. Keep up the fantastic scrapping, designing, photography and blogging!


Hugs, Karen. So glad today has been better. :)

Jo E

Hey Karen. Just wanted to let you know I really value your camera hints. I took your advice and bought a 1.4 50mm Canon lens for my Rebel (called the 350D in the UK) whilst I was in the USA recently. I managed to find one for $300 and it is fantastic. I have only played with it for one weekend but the pictures I am able to get are infinately better than I was getting with the standard lens that came with the camera body. Oh and I am really excited about the new kit posting. Continue to have a great day and thanks again for the lens advice.


Just know that the Oasis girls are missing you so and there's an official shout out to you in their CHA recap!! CUTE CUTE picture...she's growing up so fast right before our eyes...tell her to stop it! lol!!


You are so amazing ... three kids (make that four kids), partner, business, family ... and working hard to make it all fit and do justice to it all. Your caring for, and about, others is what makes you such an inspiration and so wonderful.

Do you feel as though you are really depressed or is it something like your body and mind have stopped to recharge, and you feel terrible until you've recharged enough to get back to that endless list of things that need doing? I always feel incredibly frustrated when something similar happens to me, but I'm trying really hard to embrace the signal that I've asked more from myself than I can give at that time. (No point in teeling myself to slow down, I enjoy the business too much ... LOL)

I'm sending you a big hug, and a bigger thank you for being such a great person.


That photo makes me smile!


So glad you are feeling better. I have a case of the blues today but I am hoping that tomorrow is as good as that adorable picture of Annie. So sweet!

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