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Teresa B

Awhh ahhaha Rock on ... Heartbreaker!!


Oh that's funny!


I think it looks super cute, even if a little, Bon Jovish. :) No, for real, I think it was the right choice, she looks like I could eat her up, even more now. I think it looks more innocent. I love it.


heehee! that is just too cute! :)


love the bangs and the bedhead look!


I love your blog! She was just doing some hard sleeping. Love the bangs - she does look older though :( You have the sweetest girl.

Laura plunk

Hey, I've seen some hair like that on a morning or two.....

And you are never to young or to old for "BANGS" !

Love it
laura P

cindy b.

ROFL!!!! TOO FUNNY!!!!!!! She's a HEARTBREAKER!!! :-)

Tanya Webster

LOL!! sooo soo sweet!! :)


Oh my gosh, she is so cute!

Aline (Janine Langer)

Oh my, this is too cute!!

Mary Lou

Too funny!! Yea and Pat lives at my house too..


hey man - she totally hit you with her best shot!!

(channeling my inner 80's rocker chick)


Hey, that is SUCH a coincidence, because I put my son Zane to bed every night, and in the morning, I find ROD STEWART! Funny how these celebrities show up in the middle of the night! ;) Cute post!

Nicole Harper

ok, you know what?

i just spit on my screen.

(thanks for making me laugh!!)


This photo (and post) made me laugh out loud...thanks!

kelly jo



OMG..I am laughing so hard..I am crying!!!!!!!! I am trying to explain to my 10 year old who P.B. is..and she is looking at me like I am crazy..and asking what is so funny about that? Too cute! Thanks for the laugh.


Oh my goodness! That is TOO FUNNY!! :) She is just precious!


LOL!! Too funny!!

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