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congrats!!!!!! that's a nice souvenier to come home with!!


Congrats! That is so exciting. You obviously had a great vacation.


Congratulations! I know I don't really know you but somehow I just *knew* that you would post that when you got home. So happy for you!

Kia Gregory

Wow-ee-zow-ee. That's so awesome Karen!


CONGRATS Josh & Karen! That picture is priceless! So happy for you & I'm excited to hear more!


Oh congratulations! I love a man who can pick out a ring on his own! Best wishes to both of you!


Yeah Karen! I was a little shocked not that you two are not married I already knew that. Congrats!!

Nicole Harper

how awesome for you...HUGE congrats!!!

(p.s...can't wait to meet you in Ohio!!)


Yay!!! I so knew it! Or, that was totally my guess from your last post. So happy for you!!!! Congratulations! Josh ROCKS!

Becky (beckywed)

AHHHH -- Karen, I am so, so, so excited for you!!! Congratulations to a wonderful woman who now has a wonderful guy to call her husband!

Becky (aka: Beckywed)

Cheryl Sullivan

Congrats!!!!! What a great trip this turned out to be!


Congratulations Karen & Josh!!!


Woohoo! Congratulations! :)


that is SOOOOO cool! CONGRATS :)



Michelle OKeefe

Oh - how wonderful !
Congratulations to both of you. Can't wait to hear all about the trip and see some pics.


Wunderbar!!! I think that's German for wonderful!! Congratulations to both of you - may you always find peace and joy together. It's going to be delightful to watch you prepare for a wedding.


What a WONDERFUL surprise! The best of all wishes to the both of you!

So cool...


Congrats Karen! So happy for you. I can tell he's a great guy from your posts. I had this "feeling" that you would be coming home and posting that, don't know why but I did.

Anyway, congrats and can't wait to hear more about your trip!

Teresa Brown

Woohooo!!! Fairytale do come true!! That's Awesome!!

Shelly VanWormer


Lisa King

I'm so happy for you Karen! Can't wait to see the ring when you come to Longview and hear all about your trip. Congratulations!!!

Chris W.

Congratulations!!!!! I thought your "code" message may have been more than just letting your friends know that you were well!

Kelly R

Congrats Karen & Josh!
What a seriously cool suprise!


yay!!! congratulations. :)


That is too cool! Congratulations!!! Have a great day!


Oh WOW!! Congratulations!! Much better than my time at the Haufbrau Haus...I had my passport stolen there!


Congrats!!!! What a nice job, asking someone to take a picture!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth Bunney

Karen, that's awesome news!
you guys really are inspiring to read about!

love it!
way to go Josh!


oh, wow!! super congrats to you guys! blurry or not, that is one fantastic, honest picture. i LOVE it!



Congrats!!!! That is fantastic news.


Congratulations to your engagement. So wonderful that he chose that place!!!! Have a wonderful 4th July!!!

Mary Ann

I am so excited for the two of you!!!
I can't wait to see the layout you make with this awesome photo.


A little birdie told me THIS secret :-) What a romantic proposal

Greetings from Bavaria

Eeva Hall

Congratulations to your engagement!!!!! Such a romantic way to propose!!!!!

heather (in Scotland)

Congratulations both. What a priceless photo!

Julie (in England)

Congratulations to you both, very romantic!


Oh Wow! How sweet! Congrats to you and Josh! I love the picture! So excited to hear about your trip!


Wow CONGRATULATIONS to you both. That is the most perfect photo. I hope you had an amazing trip and look forward to seeing the rest of your pics.


I think the stranger will never forget this moment either ! Glad to see you made it home o.k., have a happy 4th !


soooo cute!!! huge congrats!! it was great to meet you!! :))

Ashley Schultz

How wonderful for you guys! I didn't know you weren't married and was a little confused when I first started reading. I'm excited for you! I'd love to see your ring.


Awww - how sweet is that?!?! Congratulations to the both of you!!! And thanks for coming to Germany and teaching classes - it was absolutely great & a lot of fun!!!

Aline (Janine Langer)

Congratulations to both of you, you look so happy! :) Have a great 4th of July and I hope you'll come back teaching some classes here in Germany. :)

Val from Down Under

How cool is that? And how cool is it that you captured your excitement in a photo? Congratulations!


Wow!!! That piccie is sooooo beautiful! I'm so pleased for the two of you. Congratulations.


I went on vacation and brought home postcards...You're bringing home a rock, a promise and a HUGE smile! Congrats. I love that look on your face. Priceless. Enjoy your happiness, Karen.

Diana Zayto

Congrats Karen (and Josh :-)! I think you'll never forget your trip to germany and we will never forget your class we attended in cologne. Thanks a lot!


That´s so romantic! I wish you all my best! The idea to make a photo is so great!
It was so WUNDERBAR to meet you! Thanks for the nice workshop!



Stephanie Ainsburg

congratulations!! so awesome!!!



That is WONDERFUL!! What an amazing trip you must of had! That is fabulous!

Can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip.

Laura plunk

OH Karen,
How exciting !!! I am so happy for you and Josh.....
What a LOVE story....
Can't wait to hear all about it at No Bare Pages on the 28th !!!
Love, laura P


Oh my! How absolutely lovely! I'm sitting here all teary eyed. What a sweet proposal. And I love the photo... :)

Congratulations to the two of you!




Congratulations! Can't wait to see more pictures. TFS!


YIPPIE! Oh not only does Josh get 'points' for keeping the ring till you got to a Special place to propose. But he gets 'major points' for having someone take a picture!! So very happy for the both of you, but then I have been very happy for the both of you ever since you got together!!

Happy 4th!


Congrats!! You guys are so sweet together and have made such a beautiful family!! All the best to you and your little brood! :)

Susanne Ponce

Congratulations. What a great place to get engaged!

Melissa Villalobos

Congrats!!! So happy for you.


Can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip and see lots of pictures!

Debra Steenblock

Congradulations to you both!!!! How sweet and wonderful!! I love all the sweet romantic stuff! I have goose-bumps and it is 82 degrees out!! :)


wow. my heart skipped a couple of beats. congratulations. love the photo!! awesome moment to capture. jc


Woohoo!! Congratulations! And what a supremely romantic surprise proposal. :oD

tara pollard pakosta

wow! i had no idea, but big huge congratualations!!!!!!!!
what a great couple you guys are!

Terri Barton

WOOHOO! Congratulations! Sounds like the trip started out pretty darn good!! Can't wait to hear the rest, but I must say, it probably won't top that!

Terri B


Hooray!!!! Congratulations and best wishes!!!


WOW! Herzlichen Glueckwunsch Karen!
Such miraculous things happen only in Bavaria ;-)
Have a great 4th of July!
Many Greetings from Munich!

fran heupel

congrats karen!
Can't wait to see all your pictures.
Have a wonderul 4th with your family.

Fran Huepel


CONGRATS! So happy for the two of you.

Glad you're back safe and sound...can't wait to hear about the trip.



WOW, "herzlichen Glueckwunsch"! So happy for you two! How did the children react when you told them?
So great of Josh to think of pictures!!!


Congrats Karen! and what a great honour that he has chosen germany for his proposal - I wish you all the beste!
Greetings from Germany


Yay Karen! Congratulations to you and Josh! You guys are such a CUTE couple!!


what a sweetheart! oh my gosh, so happy for you guys. a huge congratulations to you both!

Mary Lou

Congrats Karen and Josh. Quick marry that Beaver before he gets away. :)


OKAY- STOP IT! That's too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did, assume, that you were already married - but I was really, really, really thinking that last post meant that you were preggie again...and I know you said Annie was your last baby, so I was wondering......welcome back- I have missed your posts and your ever-inspiring photos- and CONGRATS!


That has to be the MOST BEAUTIFUL picture I have EVER seen!! Congrats ;)


Oh Karen - that is SO romantic! He proposes in Germany! So happy for you guys!


congrads!! That is so amazing, and sweet.


Congrats, Karen! Hope you enjoy Germany! :)

Carolyn Hall

Congratulations! How romantic! There are so few surprises in life, what a great one this was. What a great story you will have to tell as well. Have a great rest of the trip. Obviously we all miss your blogs, since we are still checking in to see if you wrote. Glad I caught this one.

jill s




Congratulations Karen! I am so excited for you!!! That is so sweet that he waited that long and held onto it. I would have lasted a day at the most!


OMGosh! Congratulations to the both of you!!!! How exciting!

Annette Kuusinen

Congratulations! Your news & photo brought a smile to my face. I wish nothing but the best for you. Thank you for sharing your life with me. I'm so excited for you. I feel like someone I really "know" got engaged. Silly how a little ole blog and do that.


So sweet and beautiful, Karen! Congratulations to you both!! :) Love that blurry, full of love, photo! ;)


SO SO happy for you! CONGRATULATIONS! And what a fantastic, PERFECT picture.


Congratulations!!!! So awesome that he remembered to get a photo!!!! I'm impressed with his planning. :)


Congrats to you & Josh! Can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip!


congrats to you both, Karen! can't wait to see that ring the next time you are in B'ham! :)

Karen in Toronto

What a beautiful picture of your special moment! Congratulations!! :)


beth wollweber

Congratulations !!!!
Beth W

marah johnson

Congrats! I am so happy for you....what a great addition to an already wonderful love story.

Christy O

CONGRATS!! I have tears in my eyes. That is so sweet. BEST WISHES!!!





sharyn (torm)

I so thought you were already married, lol! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!


Congratulations!! I thought your news was going to be that you were pregnant again (but this is very good news, too) :)


Congratulations and best wishes.


Oh my gosh! Sweet! Congrats to you both...and Josh...Definite bonus points for waiting for just the right moment. Unforgettable.


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