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Wow, what beautiful pictures! And you really lucked out on a gorgeous day at the coast (we know how iffy the chances of that are here in Oregon.)


Awesome pictures Karen! Love them all! We went to the Coast yesterday, it was so fun!

Jen K

Your photos are amazing!! Isn't it great what escaping with your family can do? :)


Looks like you guys had an awesome day! We're planning to hit the beach tomorrow. Have a great week...crossing my fingers for your drawing :)


Fantastic photos! I think a day at the beach would change anyone's attitude, I love the beach! I just adore that photo of Annie sleeping on the blanket and the ones of you kind of snapping down on the two girls! Awesome!

heather (in Scotland)

Good grief - how do you manage to take so many amazing photos in one day! (And how do you get away with taking a DSLR camera to the beach without sand getting in and ruining it??)

Did you use Photoshop to enhance the colour in the photos or is that just how the day was?


you take absolutely the most amazing photos of your family!!!!!! you catch personality in each of the shots!!!!! gorgeous....gorgeous....gorgeous.... told ya - i wanta be you when i grow up ;)


Isn't it amazing what a little change of scenery will do for the soul!?


OMG...these photos are absolutely gorgeous!! I wish I had even an ounce of your talent! Can't wait till you come to Philly!! :)


holy cow Karen, that picture of Courtney and Annie holding hands is sooooo precious. You are an amazing photographer!

Crystal Krueger

You DO take the most gorgeous pictures, Karen! I love the reflections in the water and your family's expressions. Thank you for always inspiring me to do better and try more!!

Mel Nunn

I love that last photo... too cute!

Beautiful! Love your beach day photos....ahhhh, what a great day...and new perspective. Looking forward to the kit!



Truly the most amazing photos! I LOVE the photo of your daughters (holding hands) and of course the one where Annie is precious!


The picture of your daughter napping is incredibly sweet. I love taking pictures of my daughter while sleeping. While she's fabulous while she's awake, there's something angelic about her while she sleeps! Enjoy your classes tremendously and your eneregy!

Ms. Wallace

Great picture of your kids on the surf board sharing ice cream (my favorite ice cream)!! Thanks for sharing your personal side!


LOVE the photos!! I only wish my beach photos could come out as well :-) You are an amazing photographer!! Hope you had a relaxing time.

Val from Down Under

Karen, you take absolutely the best photos. Awesome! And you've got a beautiful soul - it's reflected in your pictures. Have a great day.


holy crow, every one of those pics were stunning!! funny how much josh and ross look alike:) you are absolutely an incredible photographer and you ROCK the fixed 50:)



Your pictures are amazing! Makes me want to visit the Northwest coast!


Fantastic photos. I especially like the last two

Lily (in AU)

These photos are absolutely the best. I love the girls walking along the beach, Josh with Annie, and Courtney and Coley eating on the surfboard. There's not enough space to list them all ... it's like watching life in stills. Thanks for sharing.

Tanya Webster

oh my gosh....the one of the girls holding hands and the one of annie napping are some of my favorites i have ever seen you take! :) LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! i am a thinkin' our families need to hook up at the beach sometime soon what do ya think hmmm???


'nuff said.

Donna Bolsar

Great photos! If I can't get to the beach this summer, glad all of you can! Enjoy!


Oh.My.God.Your pictures are AMAZING... Thanks so much for sharing


Love the beautiful photos, Karen!!

Kim Sackett

I really enjoy your pictures and the angles make me think when I take a shot. Keep the pictures coming.

Betsey Cline

Karen you take such wonderful pictures. I especially love the one of you family --all 5 of them so enthralled in the moment... that is a memory to cherish..

You coming back to Northern CA anytime soon?

Laura plunk

What a great day at the beach. Where did you go? Love all the pictures.
laura P

marilyn hardcastle

just had to say the photo's were sooooooooooo fab ... just made me smile so big for you & your sweet family ... moments that matter ... love your title ... how true ... keepin' the perspective!! total inspiration {again} hugs! marilyn


Absolutely gorgeous! So glad you guys had a chance to get away from it all.


Absolutely gorgeous! So glad you guys had a chance to get away from it all.

heidi larsen

beautiful pictures karen! you are so gifted!


your pictures never fail to make me smile (so I can't imagine what they do to you). and how cool is josh? i have never been able to get my glasses to stay like that behind my ears (must be the hair).

Heather Moll

Awwww, too cute! I love those photos! My little girl (9 mo. old) has the same swimsuit as Annie! So sweet! And I LOVE Courtney's suit too!

Sue Tonga

Gosh, what stunning photos!

Sarah S

great photos! I love the one of the kids eating ice cream on the boogie board...with the reflection. how absolulty awesom!

Amy Emery

That is SO not the Oregon Coast, is it? ;-) Going in August--and just praying for some sunshine and no wind. What beach were you at? LOVE the pictures. Every one. Didn't respond to your other post--but you summed up exactly what I'm feeling--doing so much, and not doing any of it well. Family, full time job, house, yard, bills, chores, church volunteering--wish I could say scrapbooking! And summer is ending way too fast, before time to enjoy it. Where's the beach?! Thanks for sharing your heart. (and do you protect your camera in any way when at the coast?)

Carolyn Davis

You have a beautiful family and you take amazing pictures! I can't wait for your class in Salem so I can pick your brain! Ha! Yeah, my family went to Seaside just a few weeks ago and of course it had to rain all day. So sad. But got some cute pics with the umbrella, so it wasn't a complete waste :)


WOW the photos are so great!! What a sweet family!

Diane DiTullio

Gorgeous photos Karen! The first one is definitely my fave!

fran heupel

So glad you had a great time at the beach. Those pictures are wonderful as always. You always know which ones to take.
have a great rest of your week.


Jeanine Baechtold

These photos are breathtaking - thanks so much for sharing.


the photo of coley and courtney on the boogie board eating ice cream is brilliant...loooove it.


Oh my GOODNESS!! Those pictures are all just darling!!


These pictures just melt my heart. You are right - it puts it all into perspective! Thanks for sharing.

tara pollard pakosta

you are so making me want to head to the beacH!

Miz  Booshay

Oh mercy!
Those itty bitty pig tails are darling!!!!

Everything else is wonderful too!


Awesome photos...all of them!! Looks like you had a GREAT day! :)


LOVE these pictures...and that little baby is just too precious.


Love the beach pictures. Made me homesick! I grew up in Creascent City- brings back lots of memories!

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