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mandy friend

karen_ okay we really need to get together sometime and whine. Im a mom who doesnt even work(haha)but we all feel like we arent able to give100%. by the way live in gp too and my 13 month old is continually hitting these buttons so im rewiting and deleting half it!!. God Bless, ill sendup a prayer for your work issue, mandy

mandy friend

see im so mixed up i dont even post comment on the right part:)

elizabeth holder

well - is there a light at the end of the tunnel? how did your meeting go/


I've been there! It's a popular place and unfortunately, we all get to visit from time to time. Here's what I know for sure:

1. Just breathing is a good move.
2. Your worst day is so much better than many other peoples' best day (women are very hard on themselves).
3. Annie won't remember your stress, she will remember your arms - holding her, laughing with her, teaching her.
4. The fact that you care about balance and your family means you're doing ok.

I can be kind of morbid, but I like to go with the 'if I found out I was going to die within the year, what would I change?', it helps me focus and get the clutter in my life under control.

Good luck!

Denise W.

gp? Grants Pass???

andrea g.

Hope your day went well. And was pivotal in the good kind of way.

Melissa Priest

I am certain that the folks you met with are going to love your ideas (we always do!!). Either way, feel blessed that God has placed in you a position to inspire and encourage others to capture their life and loved ones for all to remember. That is so cool!


I hope the light is getting brighter for you. I love your work and think it is amazing! ~heather


love the minibook! looks awesome. can't wait to see the kit list (i think i own most of the items - lol!) i LUV your stuff. maryjo


Absolutely too cute. I don't know how you manage to get it all done.


Been a lurker of your blog for sometime now, just love your pics and your work! Ordered a kit for the Snapshots class, can't wait!!



Love your blog and how you tell the truth about everyday life and that it's not all easy. It's so refreshing to see someone else with the same feelings about work and kids.

Have a great day!!

marilyn hardcastle

greetings, karen ... big fan here in hot springs, arkansas ... using tons of your stuff as i work on wedding album {sigh} for my darling niece and her new hub ... married at sand key beach,clearwater florida at sunset ... if i had your photog skills TOO ... but ... did catch some sweet moments! i promise to share a few of the pages w/ you~ hope you are catching some breaks now & then and having that chance to live more by priorities than demands ... when feeling overwhelmed, i always remember that to start counting my blessings and lift my voice in a song of total praise. nice circle to return some thanks to God from whom all blessings flow ... hugs!! marilyn


I Love the Transparency Books. Yours is beautiful :)

fay copeland

great album. i love the colors you are using. fay

Sarah Goodyear

Oh wow! That is a great project! I'm going to have to take this one!
I can't wait! Thanks for offering your classes for those that aren't near any of your usual teaching spots.

Sarah Goodyear
Spring, TX

Nicki Lundeen

I can so relate to where you are. I work full time away from home and then try to run by scrapbooking business from home...and try to take care of my kids, my husband, my house...and I can guarantee you, I'm not doing any of them well. There just isn't enough time nor energy to to it all. What seems to lose out is my kids....I'm just too worn out to do anything. It really stinks. I then beat myself up telling myself that I'm a bad mom for not spending more quality time with my kids, a bad wife because I can't keep up with my house...I truly know where you are...Guilt, Guilt, Guilt....I believe that is my middle name! LOL

Anyway, love your kit! Hope I'm the lucky one! Love your products...

Nicki Lundeen


Greetings from your self-proclaimed groupie (stalker?) I can't wait for Snapshots of a Good Life! See you next Friday in Salem!


I'm bummed that Addie and I didn't make this class. The book is awesome as is all your stuff. And if Josh (Welcome Home!) gets to read this one.......Go Beavs!!!


oh my gosh i must have this kit!! its lovely.
i so enjoyed the family pictures at the beach-made me feel right there with you guys. so much fun!!

Brenda Lehman

I love all of your stuff and love to read your are amazing!


What a gorgeous album! I love that kiss on the forehead story! Soooo cute!


Those are great photos you posted on your blog today! Your children are so cute!


I love your beach pics. Family beach photos are always my favorite. Goodluck with everything you have pending. Your kit is gorgeous. I love your blog. Your are so real! Take care and enjoy your beautiful family.


I have always loved your work, it is always so unique.

Shannon Simpson

I've been a lurker on your blog. I love your products and all you share. Wish I was close enough to take one of your classes. This album is great and I have some of these products already!

Kris with a K

Oh, goodie, goodie, goodie! I wanna win! I wanna win! I'd love to work with that kit...your Narratives paper (the ivory lined paper with the scalloped edge) is a staple to me. Love all the new stuff you've created!


love your stuff and thank you for sharing with us...not only your goodies, but your family, too!


Great beach pictures. Annie is so sweet in her little bikini.


great beach pics! love the one w/ your kids sitting down w/ the reflection - awesome. love this kit, will it be my lucky day???? maryjo


Those pics are great!! makes me want to have kids, ok, maybe not.. your kids are ADORABLE!!!


HI Karen. I was SO BUMMED you were not coming to my local Cord store while you were in Ohio! I kept seeing your picture hanging up and wishing wishing!! Thanks for sharing your family with us. I LOVE your BLOG! :-)

Samantha Seholm

Wow Karen that book is awsome I love your work. I love your beach pictures we are headed to the Oregon Coast in just a few weeks and can't wait to play at the beach. Samantha


Another great Karen kit!! This is a must have!!

Erin Lincoln Bassett

LOVE the mini-album!!!


i love your work and your photos!!! thanks for sharing with us! I hope the light is getting brighter, the workload easier but if it's any consolation i think i share all the feelings you;ve been expressing and i sit at the computer with a 10 month old on my lap so you aren't alone :)


Love your photos, love your blog! Maybe some day you'll have a class over here in Massachusetts!

karen young

Hi Karen. I just love your pictures from the beach. I also hate taking my camera to the beach, but love the pics that I get there. Looking forward to hearing how you color-edited them. Would love to win the kit! Thanks for offering it!

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Michael Cornelia

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