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beth wollweber

I am not sure, but does the CI site have a locator section, to start. Otherwise love the websites you use. Beth


I know for certain that both Scrapbook Barn and Devine Memories does! I've been calling around looking for one particular sheet. I'll let you know if I find others. I love your designs.

susan lyons

we're an online store and we have lots and we also offer free shipping with a $40 purchase.

Lori Hedges

Mystic Paper in Downtown Mesa on Main Street has an good selection of your product. I was looking for the cream line for months before I found almost all if it there. BTW LOVE you new stuff! Dying to use it too. Thanks, Lori


I have used 90% of my scrapbook money on your items. I love them. Had the first scalloped papers in White, Black, Red, blue, green.
Then bought ENTIRE collection of Sweet pea and the Blue Bell and the Black and Cream.

NOW I cant wait for the new Black / Cream and French versions... I saw you said you would never stop with Black and Cream and I hope you dont....

I have only one request... I would love to see the Pink Sweet pea also have the CIRCLES like the BLuebell and Black/Cream. I know hearts go with baby girls but CIRCLES ARE SO HOT!!! I think you could have done both... Same with the EXLARGE BRACKETS from Honeydew.. Those would have been cute in the pale pink and pale blue. Just a thought!

Love love everything... again, I have bought some other CI items... Love struck, Halloween and so on... But I just love yours the best.. I also love how you add on as I buy so many of your papers and items (Usually 2 of everything and 10 each of papers) that I still have stuff left over and love to add the new items.

MY ONLY ONE COMPLAINT.. that I would love to have you pass on... on all swatch books (Yes I own almost everyone CI has every made).. I would love to see them be made out of that plastic that is much smoother.. I would love for them to go get a Lil Davis, or American crafts or GIN X...SEI... Those rub on's rub on like BUTTER.. much smoother.. in one pass the harder plastic transfer sheet has transfered the rub on and the ends curl up to show it is off. THe Creative Imaginations rub ons Take 2 sometimes 3 passes to rub on.. you cant see they have rubbed off as they dont cloud up like others and they are not smooth like butter. It is 100% the transfer paper is more like tissue than plastic. Maybe you could ask your quality department to try the GIN X or others and see what I mean.. Even the the backing paper on CI's comes off and rub ons can get messed up.. Those others have backing paper that stay on..
Dont get me wront I think C.I's designs on their rubons are the best by far.. it is simply the transfer paper that is just not smoothe.... it is a hot topic on all the boards.. some wont buy them again because of this... Please pass this on..

I NEED A 2nd JOB!!!


Check out Scrapbook Etc in Mesa

Dedra Long

I agree with Lori...Mystic Paper in downtown Mesa has the best selection of CI...The ribbon, swatch books, PP and transparencies....They have it all....
They are on Main St. between Country Club and Mesa Dr...Hope this helps! Happy hunting!
Dedra Long


I have pretty much all of the Narratives products in stock! :-)

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