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WOW.......two peas in a pod. looks like my daughter and I. she is seven now, but we still look the same. Cannot wait to see the scrap page that comes from these pictures. I love that you both have yellow barrettes in your hair. SO CUTE

Natalie Tran

Holy smokes... you two look like the same person! Talk about IDENTICAL!!! It's a mini you!! How sweet!!


How sweet is that!? You two are twins! Beautiful pics!


Tanya Webster

WOW!!! you really DO look like the same little person...(and for the record your nose is perfect--and so is Annie's!!) That little girl is going to grow up to be one beautiful person let me tell ya!! :)


too flippin cute! those pics are great!

and the manners thing...that won't come back for a while - my 2 year-old does the same thing...
why bother with please and thank you when screaming is sooo much more effective! lol


She is your little adorable!


Wow! She looks just like you! My son (4) has always had a thing for all things silky. He will still wear his underwear backwards if the tag is silky so he can rub it.


I'm going to have to stop reading your blog. I love my two boys, and keep thinking I'm "done"...but all these photos of Annie Bananie. I can't take it anymore. Makin' me want a baby girl so bad. And then you have to go and dress her soooo cute. I'm still swooning over her little poncho from last season!

Stephanie Ainsburg

it's one of the cutest noses EVER!!


One day, when TheManoftheHouse had our then toddler at the mall, a man came up to them and said "I've heard of looking like your father, but that's ridiculous." Now, I'll happily pass that phrase on to you! (With mother substituted for father, of course.) ;-)

Kia Gregory

Ummm, too stinkin' cute. That is amazing. I was just noticing the other day about how Annie looks like her Daddy but now I am way wrong.

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

amazing! And here I thought she looked more like JOsh all this time.
Arn't Ls and Rs 6 or 7 yr old sounds? I think I remember reading something like that once.
So funny that she likes to play with clothing.


Oh my gosh, she looks just like you! Too cute :)


spittin' image!!


Annie is so stinkin' cute! As were you. She is such a doll.
Can't wait to have you as a guest blogger at Fiskateers this weekend!

Laura plunk

Can I just say " A MINI ME!" you two are adorable.
And that is a CUTE nose !!
laura p


It's really cute how much she looks like you! It's so fun when they are learning new things like everyday I really miss those days now that my youngest are 13!


That just makes me smile. :-) Those pictures are just too cute. Thanks for sharing.

Mary Ann

wow! It's you all over again!! What sweet photos of both of you. I can't wait to see that layout you do using both photos. (surely that is to come, right???) hint hint


mini u! how cute. i agree~ can't wait to see the scrap page u produce. my daughter's about to turn 3 & she's finally getting her manners back (when it's convenient for her of course). and everytime there's a photo scheduled, school pic, recital shots, etc. she falls & scraps or bruises her face. she's gonna look back & wonder.....hee hee. maryjo


Adorable, both of you.

tara pakosta

she's your twin!!!!!!!!
wowzers! adorable!!!!!!!

Brooke - in Oregon

Ha ha, you have a MINI ME!! lol Holy Moly she looks so much like your photo at that age. Her choice of 'toys' just cracks me up. I can hardly wait for Kaylie to start talking, she is 10 months old already!

Michelle OKeefe

Adorable! Amazing how close the features are between you. She'll be a beauty just like mom !


Amazing how much you guys look like twins.........that is simply adorable!!!


WOW she looks like you! lol and your nose is cute ;)


WOW! That's pretty amazing! Hopefully she'll grow up to have your spunk and creativity, too!

cheryl mezzetti

These two photos are soo cute! You both are adorable.


Oh Karen, she is so pretty just like her mommy!! My children had funny words for things but one of my favorites was "How many longs does it take to get somewhere?"
My dh and I have started writing down everyone's 'words' so I can make a mini album of them!!


that's! how absolutely amazing.
your dd is precious....



Those two pics- are SO cute and you and Annie definitely have similarities....... The noses are very cute!!!!


Colleen E aka Chi-girl

Hmm...push for the please and thank you being "regular". Although I did this (over and over and over), I still have to ask/remind my dd now 17. Of course she is a further explanation needed.

Your dd and you have adorable that you're twins!


WOW! You need to do a layout with those photos!!! Your very own twin.

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