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amazing layout!

and I love your perspective on priorities! I soooo agree!

Teresa B

Ahmen my sister.. We all have a reason.. and in the end it all comes together.

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

Nice post. Beautiful layout.

This year I bought a baseball bag for my son. EVERYTHING we need for practice goes in the bag...hat, mitt, ball, bat..etc.. I keep it in the back trunk area......TA DA....No stress packed trips to the ball field yelling at my son for not having his things ready.


Hi Karen. I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for finding the words that inspire others. Your blog inspires me. Thank you. m

Tanya Webster

BEEEEEEAUTIFULLY put missy! and once again you inspire me all over again! MWAH!

Terri B

Thanks so much for the reminder as to why I scrapbook. All of the reasons above apply at one point or another, but it is so nice to see it in writing, makes it real. Great layout by the way, that son of yours is a real cutey! PS All your kids are adorable, tell Ross that he is even cute with his wonky haircut!!


So true.

Thank you for reminding me how lucky I am.

For a loving husband, beautiful girls, amazing family and friends and an overall wonderful life.

That's what it's all about!


So true.
And, I find that when I am most upset at something my children do, the 1st one I want to scrap at that moment is that child....and in never helps me remember that it's not always this way. I find something good and even when I'm scrapping the bad....I find it.
Does this make sense?


Your words are so true, and the layout is wonderful ! I really think your little boy will have 10 girls on every finger when he gets older.

Ashley Schultz

Love the page Karen. Just love it. And your words ring true. Thanks for sharing.


and- our kids are always perfect in our pictures/memories, aren't they? No yelling at each other- running in circles- doing exactly what you just asked them not to do.....just being perfectly themselves. I LOVE that about scrapping- I can love my kids for their inner core, without the distraction of their chaos.


amen, girlie. amen.


I love your page...and especially love the comments today!

Nona D

That is the most ADORABLE picture of coley ever!
I loved the blog today. It has to be true - otherwise I could never make a layout of my dd expressing my love and affection for her, after she's been such a big, fat, PILL all day long on my last nerve. Nap time has that effect too. =)


wonderfully written. and straight from your beautiful heart... thanks.


You have a way with words...LOVE today's!


Perfectly said.

Thank you!



That is so true. True for so many things and not just priorities for me. Thank you for sharing.


Love you.


I have a feeling that all of your l.o. is just as beautiful as the center piece that I'm seeing. I can see Coley's gorgeous yet somewhat mischevious(?) face, but oh how I wish I could see the rest.


You said it wonderful.

Your layout is sooooo Karen ;-) Love your style. TFS

amy welch

I love your thinking!!
Okay I have a question to ask to I was looking around on your blog and I saw thw post about the Aperture.. Okay so I got my Camera and tried out with the whole Aperture thing,and it didnt work for me. But heres my question do I have even a good enough camera lens to do it with? I have a Fujifilm S1500 and cant figure out if I was just doing it all wrong or if I dont have a good lens to do it with?? I know you are a busy person,but I really need some help with the whole Camera tricks please if you have any time to help me,I would be so thankful..


Oh my, such a BEAUTIFUL layout. Gorgeous!!

kerry lynn

here, HERE!!
i totally agree!!

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