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I just love reading your blog! All your pictures and the way you document your life....just so inspiring to me!!


Love the photos, miss the beach sometimes! Annie just makes me smile, can't believe how we have gotten to watch her grow up. Just love that :)

Sounds like a good relaxing (except for the puking) weekend!


Love love love your photo essays! So great! One of the reasons I picked you for a Thinking Blogger Award. You can check my blog for details! It means you are tagged to pick five folks whose blogs make YOU think! heh heh!


Love, love, LOVE your pics!! The kids are absolutely adorable and it looks like everyone had a great time, minus the puke fest, of course! Thanks for sharing!! :)


Man, I love your photos even with the harsh overhead sunlight! You are so talented at capturing the moments & I love it! Keep it up! (p.s. Have you ever come to Utah to teach classes?)


Wow, I love the 'frog' piccie. that one has me remembering how cool your stuff really is. I just love it. And your darling little Annie reminds me of my DD at that age. Those faces! Cute but sulky.
Looks like a great weekend, apart from the puking.


Love these Karen - especially the one of the two girls sitting in the chairs and their fingers are touching :).

Teresa B

Great pix Karen.. thanks for sharing.. looks like so much fun!!

island jen

wow...the photos are wonderful!! looks like some good times this weekend!


how cool was your weekend! dang - love those photos, especially of Miss A not digging the whole sand thing.


awesome. thnx for sharing. looks like a fun weekend! maryjo

Vickie Coonfare

Awesome photos! Looks like a great weekend except the boat thing. By the way love your closet.

Mary Ann

I love how you capture those everday moments.
Can I come spend the day with you in hopes of some of your talent rubbing off?? LOL
Glad you all had a great time, minus the sea sickness.


Looks like everyone had a grand old time. Well, maybe not Annie. But one day, she'll look back at those pics and smile. Well, maybe she'll roll her eyes at you and go, "Mo-om! Why did you take pictures of me cry-ing?"

Love the frog pic, too.


Bandon was awesome this weekend...we spent it at Family camp on lake bradley.Yesterday was the best day... all warm and not a cloud in the sky wished it was the first day of camp.

Diane DiTullio

So glad you were able to get away for a few days. Love all of the pics of course! Too bad about being seasick. I'm afraid to get on a boat for that reason alone! I can't imagine being trapped like that for 6 hours. Ugghh. At least that was only a small part of the weekend!

Kia Gregory

Thanks for sharing. Love your photos and love the fam too. Where was Ross? Still hiding the 'hawk gone wrong?


You take THE most beautiful pictures! I am always inspired when I come to your blog. Thanks for sharing your family and your expertise!

Judi Haines

Your pics are awesome! Looks like you had a great time.
Be Happy

Ana Maria  Magloire

Karen, you are one amazing photgrapher.


Pictures - fabulous
Beach time - looks like it was a blast
Getting sick on the sorry you had to endure that!


Inspired to take a trip to the beach and all thanks to you and you awesome photos...Not sure how the boys will look in polka-dots by I will keep you posted

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