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Awesome! Now can you come over and help me with my room that is smaller than yours? I have no idea where to start. Piles and piles....they keep getting worse. Thanks for posting this. Hopefully I can get some ideas and make my space more roomy.


One word ... WOW! Can you please let me have just five minutes in there looking at all your gorgeous stuff???


Thanks for sharing Karen! You've always spoke of your closet, but it looks way better than I had it pictured in my head! You are so organized! I wish my scraproom looked as organized as yours! I crop too much out of the house, so I have to have a lot in totes, ready to roll. Have a great Memorial Weekend!


looks wonderful and very organized...however where do you keep all your clothes?


Ha, ha, ha. I was wondering where all the clothes are too! :) Thanks for sharing your space. Very cool vintage touches that I love to see.


WOW! That is SOME closet! Thanks so much for sharing inspires me to clean my space!

mary jane

Thanks so much for sharing!! Lots of great ideas!! How is your tv attached to the wall?

Shelly VanWormer

Thank you for giving us a some insight into your creative world/closet. I have some of those same items incorporated into my scrap space, but it never hurts to see/steal other (better) ideas as to how to be able to work ones creative space. It is no surprise that you mention that album idea and come to find that it's currently all sold out. Quick Question...Do you store your alphabets by individual letter? I couldn't tell in the pictures. This seems to be becoming the trend. I'm not sure if I'll go this route, but it might be better as I don't use my alpha's enough, and doing it that way might encourage me to use my stash. I will wait to see what the "All-Knowing Karen Russell" has to say on the subject. LOL.


You have done so much more with your closet than I have with my whole basement! I also love that scrapbook system! I don't think that I will backtrack and change the scrapbooks that I have already done, but will start with that system for future pages. It just makes so much sense and looks so cool! TFS.


Whoa!!! Now thats a closet! I love how you are soooo organized. I need to work on that in my scraproom. Thanks for sharing.


Yay! I've always wanted to see "the closet"! I have those cottage chic wire baskets from Fred Meyer. Dang I love that store : ) Your room is inspiring to me. So much creativity in such a small place...

Alisa Logue

Karen- Just because I'm nosey and think of things like this... How does that work when you want to stay up late and scrap and Josh wants to sleep? I don't even have a scrap spot it's my dining room table. But I keep alot of my supplies in my bedroom closet and I'm always tiptoeing in there at insane hours of the night trying not to wake the hubby. Just curious. Love the space. So organized and functional. Nice use for the ball. Mine just rolls around the house getting in my way. God forbid I actually excercise on the thing. Take care- Alisa

Tanya Webster

your closet reminds me of your layouts and inspires me something are one HUGE sweetie to take pictures and then take the time to post all of this for everyone missy!! and uh, yeah, i am embarrassed beyond belief to look behind me at MY space because it is sickeningly NOT organized right now! :)

Laura plunk

Can I just say "WOW" I guess Organization is not one of my strong points, but it would sure help clear up some of the clutter.
Looks super.

PS thanks, loved the class at NBP Monday and for letting me take those pics with my camera phone to send Brooke.

Stephanie Ainsburg

everything is all about perspective, right? loks FAB to me!!! I have a scrapbooking CORNER of my living room. but it's only for storage, when I scrap, I actually drag stuff to the kitchen island! BUT... it is all good! at least I'm doing it! by the way, I just started using the American Crafts albums.... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! so cool to put in whatever size lo's my little heart desires!

Vickie Coonfare

Wow, that's alot in that little space and so well organized, I love it! I love seeing peoples studios, thanks.

Ashley Schultz

Love your space, Karen. I love how everything looks so organized in a smaller space. Maybe this will motivate me to organize my room this weekend!


I loved taking a peek into your creative world. Such coolness, really! m

Kay Ward

Thank you for sharing a look at your scrapbook space. It gives me inspiration to organize mine a little better!


I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your space. It's so much fun to see how other people organize their stuff.

I just wanted to add that I use the American Crafts D Ring albums and LOVE them. I bought one a few months ago to see if it was for me and just today I bought my 5th one! They are better albums to use all the way around, especially when it comes to reorganizing layouts. I recently did some 8 1/2 x 11 pages and it was easy to put them in it as well. I buy mine at Hobby Lobby when they are on sale for half price, which makes them about $8-$10 each. You can't beat them!!


Okay, I'm going to add my "WOW" here! What great use of every single inch of space! I like that you have a place for everything. Still working on that in my room. It's fun to actually see where you create! Thanks for sharing!


Wow, your closet looks fantastic! It makes me want to try to sort out all of my scrapping stash this weekend. LOL - isnt it funny how once you have it all sorted out you dont want to scrap as it will mess it all up again? - Thats at least how i feel once i have done. Could i ask you how do you store your alphabet letters. That is one thing i battle with bacuse once you opene the scenic route chipboard letters for eg then you have odd sizes and heights and all sorts


WOW! I love looking at how other people organise their scrapbook supplies. I have a little desk crammed into the corner of the bedroom which my husband keeps threatening to turn into a double wardrobe. Maybe I can convince him to make it a lovely closet like yours!! Thanks for taking the pictures it really is lovely to see where you work.


Wow - looks like you have used every available square inch of that closet! An awesome scrapbook space with very affordable pieces. Does it get a little stuffy in there - most closets don't have any air vents in the them??

Diane DiTullio

Looks awesome Karen! I love to see spaces when they are organized and look like this! Suddenly, I get the urge to purge all of my junk and clean up. Great idea with the clips and strip of metal. Now I dare you to post pictures when you're on deadline! LOL :)

Angie from ScrapScene

I love this - thank you for posting it! Goes to show we *can* get by with smaller space - look at all the amazing artwork you produce from there!


the closet is awesome, but gotta say that annie steals the show every time. she's such a cutie w/ that baby doll! thnx for sharing your space.


LOVING your scrap area! Its so organized!!!! love it, love it, love it!

Donna BD

Wow! Thanks for the visit! Love it!


oh wow!!!
thanks for letting us peek into your world!!!

angi bustamante

OMGOSH! your closet is the coolest! it is SO ORGANIZED! i love scrapping spaces - thanks for sharing yours - it is truly FAB... i could just sit there and bask in all of the creativity.


very cool to let us into your closet that looks like a 6x9 heaven!

stacy armstrong

Wow. So organized. So much stuff. How can you remember what you have and pull it all together for a LO or card. Just amazing. LOVE LOVE LOVE this room

Deanna Shain

I am authoring a book called Creative Spaces for Papercrafters and it contains a chapter dedicated to Converted Closets. Your room would be perfect to showcase there! If you are interested in having your creative space published (book is due out this September), please contact me at [email protected]
I look forward to telling you more about the project!
-Deanna Shain
Shain Publishing




What an incredible closet you have. So well organized. You definitely took advantage of every space.


WOW, you made amazing use of your space. Great job!!

Brandi Gore

Thanks for sharing. Looks great!


Absolutely INGENIUS!!! I would of never thought of converting a walk in closet to a workable space for my scrapbooking! I only hope that doesn't mean all of your clothes are on the bedroom floor now:) I like some of the inexpensive ideas for storage (especially nice for the husband's that gripe about all the money you spend on a piece of paper?) You've given me inspiration! Thanks!


I'm a newbie in scrapbookthings, but I love to see your room.. It's so nice and tidy. Thanks to share



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Shelby Purdy

This is exactly what I needed to see thank you so much for showing this to the world! I'm so inspired now to get mine done! Thank you for the ideas. I will make a sign that says "Karen's touches" lol


Wow...what a great space. I'm currently in an apartment and you give me hope that maybe my stamping and scrapbooking stuff won't always take over the whole apartment.


I am so impressed with the way you've organized everything! I'm looking for ideas as to how to organize my craft room. We moved recently and I haven't unpacked everything yet. I have a closet that's storing all of my scrapbook supplies now, but nothing is organized. The TO BE CRAFT ROOM is full of stuff on the floor still. I loved your creativity and maybe seeing what you've done will hopefully help jog my creativity cells in my brain!


I love your kids in your scrap room. Looks like something that my kids would be doing and then some!

Rhonda Cook

Thanks for posting these pictures! I was searching online for some since we are currently in the process of remodeling some closets and I have a 6x6 section planned to use for my "scrapbook studio."


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amy kaine

i love your little peice of paradise my scraproom is non existant now we have the pitter patter of tiny feet so i now craft in between naps and play dates on my daughters plastic table its not ideal so i am showing my hubby this and hoping he can get some ideas!!


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I make cakes for friends and family and my paperwork and books are now becoming overwhelming. We have a room about the size of your pictured room. Having seen how you have organised this space is an inspiration! Thank you so much!

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