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Just took your class in Salem Saturday. What a blast! Thanks for making photography creative and making those "foreign" terms much more familiar. The five of us who took the class together are following up with a few hours away at a park to shoot at least 100 photos :)

Tanya Webster

you really do have one very cool kid miss Karen...but somehow I really do think YOU had alot to do with whether you take the credit or not....I'm gonna go with happy you guys had some time together though...very very cool! :)

Jennie DeMichielli-Moreland

Hi Karen,

I loved the album we did at Scrapbook attack!! I had a few ideas to make it go smoother. It was easy to cut the different sizes w/the the sample you had. (The Clear Sheet) Could you include a copy of that either clear or plain paper w/the kit then if we get behind we can just look at that sheet. I think this would be great w/a large class. Plus I learn when I can see things in my hand.(things up close) Also are you doing a class in St. Helens? I would like to know when so I can sign up and plan childcare. I love hearing about you & the kids!!Jennie


You're always welcome to return to Scrapbook Attack! We can't wait to sign you up for your next round of classes, especially since your classes earlier this month were quite a hit--loved the projects!


Karen thanks again for an awesome weekend at SBA! You are welcome anytime!


Sounds so lovely...


Can I just say, as a mother you really inspire me. I started reading your blog for scrapbooking tips and 'cause I love your work but now the whole close-ness you have with your children gets me everytime I read about your life and your kids...

P.S. I do admit that the haircut is pretty bad!

Mary Lou

I too have a hard time believing that my girls who turned out so wonderful and that I had something to do with it. Especially my Sarah (the one who can do a scrapbook page in a half-hour) she has a gift that I am sure I had nothing to do with. Thanks to your classes I have moved outside of the "box", you truly are an inspiration both in photography and life in general. Yes, I had "system overload" from class on Saturday but it was totally worth it. Once again a great big thank you!!

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