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Oh, she's such a sly and cute one that little Annie Bannie. God love her. The face of an angel... thanks for the photos.... love watching your family & your little ones grow (just as mine are). These are magical years.


I could eat her with a spoon. What. A. Cutie.


Such a beauty!!

Laura Rich

I feel for 4 year old has been very mischevious lately, hiding cereal under her bed, bluberries under the sofa, and pulling all the leaves off my jade plant and trying to hide them in another flower pot and then denying it was her who did it. Guess I'll have to start checking my underwear for hidden items soon!


What a cute picture! You should scrap your underwear findings with that cute picture!


as if you haven't heard this enough... she looks just like you. adorable picture.

Nona D

This is ADORABLE! Loved the weekend shots too. Made me really excited for our Cannon Beach trip this coming July. =)

Oh - and I'm not sure if you have to read all these comments all the time, but I just finished a series of dance pics of my dd using your papers! I was so excited to play with them! You can see them here if you wish (sorry the pics aren't great - I didn't have time to scan them this time):
Thanks for always inspiring me!!!

=) Nona

Tanya Webster

seriously just spit at my computer screen after reading that!! LOL!!

ps: love that dress that miss annie is wearing by the way *wink*!! :)

Shelly VanWormer

That face is just too cute to be hiding a mischievous personality. There is no way that she can be coming up with this stuff on her own. Who's been putting her up to this kinds of things? Or is she really just getting back at you for taking her to that horrible beach place. LOL Adorable picture. I always enjoy your little snippets of life.


She's adorable! And that expression on her face? So *what* if she's hiding things in your underwear!?!?


okay...I need some warning when you put a post out like that...
especially since I'm reading it at work! flippin hilarious! and what a cutie-patootie!


hahahha sorry that is just too funny ;) Love it!


So many times I read and comment.. me too! ME TOO... OMG, ME TOO! My daughter is 22 months and it's a joy to come here and read about Annie's world, and your life in her world lol. I totally relate to so many of the things you post (and probably have mentioned this before now). It was just a couple of months back where I ended a post written online to some old friends... "now I will go and retrieve the many things that Chloe has just kindly shoved down the back of my pants" rotf. Nice. These little ones are so much work. More times than not, I'm feeling like I'm only barely keeping up with her. Mostly, putting out her fires lol.

Hope you have a great day!

Tammy Mellish :)


OH My goodness, how do you ever get any work done, she is sooo cute, I would want to love on her all day long!


That little girl is such a hoot! Love the photo, really captures her feistyness! :)


She looks just like your profile pic in that photo!!


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