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Shelly VanWormer

Thanks for taking the time to share information on your creativity closet. Have a great time at the beach.


Have a fab time at the beach - waiting to see the pics and enjoy your next post!


I love those pigtails! She is so dang cute. Have fun at the beach.

Jodi Baldwin

I got that same shirt for the twins! Wearing it this weekend to a party, love it and love Annie's shoes.


You know...even with my iPod turned ALL THE WAY UP, I can sometimes hear my husband's amazing I get any sleep!!!

My son got into the rubber bands...I tried to take one off his wrist and accidentally snapped it...he no longer goes near the rubber band ball (unlike you, I am making a ball with all the rubber bands from my newspaper - I figure I can present it to my news carrier when we move...or bring it to the newspaper office, lol)


Thanks for sharing all this information, love your closet, and those chubby little arms look adorable ! They never would on me, though...

Mary Ann

Love the pic of sweet Annie in the closet.
Love just looking at your workspace too!


Thanks for answering my question about the alphabets - I never though to organize them according to letter!!

kimberly ackerman


I bought photo boxes at Costco, they come in black, brown and tan, they are either faux or real leather- 2 for $19.99. They have plastic sleeves inside for organizing pictures up to 5x7 and come with stickers to mark on them. They are acid free, photo safe, and that is what I use to organize my big and little alphabet letters. Thanks for sharing all your cool organizing systems- love the closet!!!

Wanda E. Santiago

She is so adorable look at those beautiful little hands!! Hugs Wanda

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