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OH MY! doesn't she just look so adorable! Those big eyes looking up and hugging on to her 'baby'. She is a cutie.

Cheryl Sullivan

Just adorable! What a blessing, you have.


She is so cute and those little lips! She is going ot be a heartbraker for sure!

Teresa B

You know.. When my son was about 5 years old he used to play with his younger sisters Barbies.. so.. in my moment of wanting to nature the sensitive side of my son I got him a Ken doll...

OMG my other half FREAKED!!

SO:What are you doing! You can't buy him a doll..
me: WHY??
SO: because it's a doll... it's one thing that he's playing with them and it's another when you buy him one!
Me: hahahhaha

I NEVER gave him the Ken doll and resently found it in the bottom of the closet still in the box from about 8 years ago.. I gave it to my son .. now 13 years old.. and with a dazed look on his face of, "What the heck".. I told him I got it for him when he was little but never gave it to him.. He shreaked in dismay.. Mmmmmooooooommmmm.. you bought me a Ken doll.. OMG what were you thinking!!! Hahahaha it was sooo funny..

Karrie Baker

She is just too friggin' cute! Thanks for sharing her and your life with us! Ü


Harper loves her baby doll and kisses it, and then promptly throws it head-first out of the crib. I don't know about her...


She is adorable! I never take the time to post but I enjoy your blog so much! You have the greatest stories, the best way of conveying them in writing, and I always end up with a smile on my face.


She is too precious! That picture is priceless!!
My older daughter was never into baby dolls and wouldn't play with the ones that she inevitably got as gifts. Then I had Sammi and just never bought baby dolls. I don't know why. One day when she was about 22 months old, we were at a yard sale and she found this baby doll that she just fell in LOVE with and I bought it for her for 75 cents. She is now 7 years old and still plays with and sleeps with that baby doll. I couldn't tell you how many times we have had to restuff and resew this baby!! :)

Shelly VanWormer

How sweet is this picture. She's mimicking her great example of a


Aw - precious photo and story! :wub:

Jill P.

God how that sweet face makes me want another one. But I know I wouldn't get a girl this time either, so it's just easier to gush over yours. She's gorgeous.

I had a Tobias Ted and an Abigail Rose. Love those two to this day.


so adorable........she is the sweetest little girl.


Ok, that is the cutest pic! She's so smooshable!

Before I had kids, I swore I'd never let them play with guns. Funny, though, how my 6-year-old boy can turn even a stick or a roll of play-doh into a "shooter."

I just had my girl - she's 8 months - so we'll see what the wiring does with her.

But I think you're right; a lot of it's just hard-wired in there...

cheryl mezzetti

She is sooo adorable! Love love love that picture.
And you crack me up with Coley. Every family has one that likes to push our buttons...mine is named anthony.


Cute cute picture with an adorable just have the most amazing way with words and taking beautiful pictures that capture the essence of the story.

Tanya Webster

melt my heart--LOVE her little arms wrapped around that baby doll!! SUPER SUPER SWEET Karen Russell!!


What a great post today. Love that picture - love those pigtails!!


Two dolls :-)


You never thought about getting her a doll???? Every little girls needs a doll of her very own - not one borrowed from her sisters collection. Glad she latched on to the doll, though - it is just too cute. Love the way you dress little miss Annie - makes me really miss my grandkids!


Too precious!! And and those little arms hugging that baby doll make my heart smile.


holy moly! could she be any cuter?


she's a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!
you get the best pics of your kids!

Your little Annie is SO cute in this picture. But really, all of your kids are cute/handsome!!! About the doll thing, I can't imagine a little girl growing up without having any baby dolls. I had two daughters and I made sure they each had baby dolls to love and play with. I had baby dolls when I was a child and I played with them ALOT!!! I believe it's part of the female genetics to want to play with dolls and then someday, have our own REAL babies to take care of. Playing with baby dolls is a partial lesson in learning how to take care of REAL babies. It's part of who were are as women. I think God gave that desire in most females.

Becky Coburn 5/25/07

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