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Sounds like a FAB weekend! You Cosmo Girl You!!!
Love the piggy tails! She is growing up way to quick!

Happy Monday to ya!


Oh.....Love the label also! Pretty Awesome job to you and Jill!

Amy R

Looks like a great weekend. The body outline with sidewalk chalk had me laughing! Love those piggies. So sweet.


the Black Sheep was one of our first date spots too when my husband lived in Medford. Great spot, but the stairs are a killer after 2 cosmos :)


Awesome pics! Glad you had a good time out ;) Even if you were a little groggy at church the next day ;) hehehe


What a great post today! Annie looks SO cute in those piggies! I love all the pics of her! And what were you thinking...not taking a camera to church when you are hungover? Josh should have been taking pictures of you! I was LOL at the picture of Josh & Ross with the chalk! That is hysterical! I might have to do one of those in my carport! Actually I run over dogs, so I should make one of a dog in the carport! I'm terrible! I better stop now! See you next week!


Aw - Annie's even cuter than ever with her little pigtails.

Ashley Schultz

Love your pictures. Annie is the so stinkin cute.

Tanya Webster

wow wow wow....the best thing about the whole post for me?? hearing about Josh getting baptized....and how unbelievable to have something like that done on Easter Sunday? Congratulations Josh...seriously...gave me chills! LOVE LOVE LOVE your little girlie with her cute little piggy tails (my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE on my girls as well!!) sounds like a good weekend....(aside from the hangover...but i bet those cosmopolitans were worth it *wink*) !!! t


Very sweet photos! Especially the last... I can't believe how fast Annie is growing, just following in the blog!


i love reading your blog. and i am a super fan of piggies. especially the ones that stick straight out!

island jen i'm going to crave cloves for the next few days!! lol!!

looks like a fun weekend!


LOVE the photo of you & Josh. not to mention every single stinking cute picture of Annie's piggies!!

Michelle OKeefe

The photos are great Karen. What a beautiful family you have. Keep the photos coming. Love reading.


Love your blog Karen! Have missed reading your stories! Annie looks a lot like you and so cute in pigtails. My little guy turned 1 last week. I remember meeting you in Roseburg when we were both newly pregnant :) Take care!


Love your blog Karen! Have missed reading your stories! Annie looks a lot like you and so cute in pigtails. My little guy turned 1 last week. I remember meeting you in Roseburg when we were both newly pregnant :) Take care!


Very cute photos! Love the piggy tails! That girl is a doll...better lock her up now!


Looks like a fabulous weekend ! Wonderful pics, but the one with Ross and Annie on his arm is simply adorable !


How do those piggies make Annie instantly look about 6 months older? And I love that picture of her and Ross---he always has such sweet expressions when he's holding her. She's going to be very protected when she's older!

Brooke - in Oregon

Ok 1st total Congrats to Josh for his baptisim, that is totally great!

Then on to the drinks and the clove ciggie, I totally laughed at this cause this was so me in my 20's. I was never a smoker until I had a bit of a buzz then it always sounded like a good idea! ha ha

Great photos, love the one of Annie laughing and clapping her hands.

Hey, we got Kaylie for a while on Easter, talk about feeling blessed! What a wonderful day.

Still sending you hugs and prayers :)


i am SO glad that i took your classes two weekends ago because i can hear you talk a mile a minute in your journaling posts and you are cracking me up!

i could drink those cosmo's like water, and sure enough they DO catch up to ya... : )

LOVE your sweet photos.


wow---did i mis-read your post or can you walk up on any given Sunday and get baptized? if so, that's pretty darn cool. 'course, not so cool when mom is nursing a hangover but hey, at least you weren't drinking alone to deal with the stress. now that would be worrying. cracked me up that eventhough you drank 4 cosmos, you still went with decaf the next morning??!!! i'd rather go virgin on the drinks and heavy on the caffeine, but i guess that just goes to show where my addition lies. ha ha.

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