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Oh come on.....there is plenty of room in that closet, like the spot behind your chair. You just have to be open minded about these things :) It is very cute by the way.

Amy R

LOL! I do the same thing. Someday...


I completely understand! My husband thinks I am crazy too. I have found three of four LARGE things from Pottery Barn and put it in storage for my scrap studio :) We are just getting ready to build our home!


i love it! i think you should find somewhere else in the house to use it now...and then move it into your studio (...whenever you get one)

Kelly Buck

Enabler, enabler, enabler.

That is so beautiful, I just had to order one for myself!

Melissa Villalobos

I love it! Might have to add that to my ever-growing wishlist.

Tanya Webster

I love it too (i actually love everything from pottery barn unfortunately!!) but i am a thinkin' that would be cute in a scrap closet for now! :)


Oh geeze...I really needed something else to drool over didn't I ; )

I think it makes perfect sense too!


Nice!!!! love it!

Jodi Baldwin

I have seen your studio and it is great, so neatly organized and everything is at an arms length. I loved it!

Nancy Jones

Sooo.. You need my address to just send it on to me since you arent using it.. Ill make sure it works for you HAHAHAHAHA! YES I see you are an enabler!!


i have this and I love it.. I use it for all my cards I make and get..


I have the big one, sitting in our living room, empty. My husband keeps asking when I'm going to fill it with pictures....when he paints the living room! ;)

Erin Bassett

I am SO jealous!!!!

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