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Kia Gregory

Karen come to my place next. And I did see the post with Annie's lil' bracelet on. So cute. And makes me happy.

Tammy Kay

look how adorable she is. Love that little smile that she has on her face.
i don't do cleaning like that very often.
doesn't sound like fun.
have a great time having lunch with your mom.
eating is always a good thing.


Be careful not to the baby touch or use the Magic Eraser. They have chemicals in them that burn your baby's skin. Seriously.....They are NOT harmless. Also bad for dogs.

Jodi Baldwin

Oh, what I woudn't give for my husband to go crazy over something so much that he thinks about cleaning it. It would be about as likely as me winning the lottery!


You're welcome to come to my house and do that deep cleaning. I'm not planning on doing much of that till we move out (which we will, thanks to the Army)...but I do wear out Magic Erasers on a regular basis.....


Wanna come to my house? I have a three month old that won't allow me to get much cleaning done (not like I used to at least - LOL) Cute pic of little miss annie!


I cleaned my house yesterday.....and it's already a mess. What I would give to have someone get so sick of a mess that they would choose to clean it up themselves.

I agree food is always good.

Becky (beckywed)

God Karen, is there anything you can't make sound interesting? You are such a PHENOMENAL writer and I love your posts -- keep 'em coming!

Becky (aka: beckywed) :)

Stacey Hoover

You mentioned coming to Ohio a few days ago. What's the scoop? I can't wait to take one of your classes!

Gina G Rolsma

Yes, Karen! The play-doh. I loved it as a child...but as a mother with's a whole different beast. And with my 36 month old, it all turns a mucky brown color that looks better on walls than to play with!
I am jealous of your mop area!


Your little girl really made me laugh! What a great photo for the future.


I would Choose the Bella over the cleaning....have mud pie for me!


Love, love, love this post!! Sounds like a great day!

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