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elizabeth holder

I really wish you would have a class in Tampa, I love your work and your photos and
reading up on all your working on. For whatever reason your blog is just a comfort to read everyday and makes me happy.


How do you take such a beautiful photo of Courtney with a black background like that?

Did you also use your fixed lense on this one? Gorgeous!

Donna G

Texas???? Really???? Woo hoo!!!!!!

Tanya Webster

somethin' about a sweet little girl with banged up knees gets me too....somethin' about being beautiful and being able to play hard too!! Go miss Courtney Lee!! :)

mary jane

I AM SO GLAD THAT YOU ARE COMING TO TEXAS!!!!!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOO!!! My sister lives in Beaverton, Or. and has taken quite a few of your classes and has thoroughly enjoyed them!!!!

Christy O

TEXAS!! OMG woo hoo!! I may have to drive (if it's not Dallas/Fort Worth (please let it be DFW!!)

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