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Josh Downs....Way to support your girl....that cracks me up, but somehow doesn't surprise me in the least.

Maybe someday I will get attend one of your classes, and then I will get to see what the fun is all about.


Thanks for a great class last night Karen!
The online chat thing cracks me up! So sweet of Josh to join you!

krisfred MUST come back to the Oasis! OMG, I must say...always wanted to know what I'd look like with some of LB's ta-ta's...! I am cracking up over here...miss you! HUGS, Kris


Hey girl, maybe it is because you posted the wrong day for everyone to come see you! hee hee

Just so ya know Friday is April 20th not the 22nd! I know this because it is Justin's birthday and my baby is going to be 25!! Good Golly miss Molly I am gett'n old :)

Anyhoo ya gave me a good chuckle, those online chat thingies always confuse the hell out of me! oops did I say that word, yep I did and that's my story and I'm a stickin to it! :)

Tanya Webster

first let me say that you have one keeper of a guy there missy....WHAT a total sweetie for doing come I did not know about the online chat??!!! i so would have been there!!

and good for you for slowing down (or at least trying to)....but ya still gotta come see us in st. helens ok?? i'll miss ya too much if you dont!! BTW...when ARE you coming here next????!!!

and last....can i send you a photo of me to put big knockers on??? it would a first in my lifetime!! LOL!! have a great day!! t

Jo Hannah

Josh Downs is definitely a keeper! Even if he eggs hormones on with mommies! HA HA! Very sweet. So was he like in the next room on another computer? *grin* Love reading your blog. thanks for the chuckle! Jo Hannah


well, we had a blast with you here in the OC too! I hope you come back soon- it's an easy excuse to take the family to Disneyland, and you can always use a trip to the happiest place on earth, right? You can just come and hang with us if you don't want to teach....doesn't that Amy Tangerine class look like something you'd want to take?


I am obviously a "newbie" but I don't really "get" the on-line chats>. Do you just go to the website and IM with the celebrity. That's why I never participate...otherwise I am sure I would have love to talk to you!


We in the OC can't wait for you to come back. Can I sign up now? I had such a fun time with you. You are a hoot!!


I'm so sorry about the chat. I would have come to chat with you. Unfortunately those events always happen in the middle of the night for me...

Jodi Baldwin

Are you going to be teaching the Picture This class again in Southern Oregon? I can't make it to the one this week or next, Rene' can't make it either and we really wanted to take it. Just wondering so we could look for it somewhere in the future.


Karen - I have never participated in an online chat and would love to help you out, but will be on an airplane Friday night. I am sooo sorry. I would love to be there for you. Maybe next time!

Jen B.

"not the boss of my brain"--LOL!!!
Thanks for keeping it real Karen, I love reading your blog!


Hi Karen,
I recognize my bust anywhere.....don't I wish I could share it with my friends. Thanks for the great laugh, love your photoshop skills.
Hope to take another class with you sooooooon!


Missing you, too, down here in the OC ....when can you come back to play??????

tara pollard pakosta

i never go do those online chat thingies, but i think you are rad, and hip
and cool and an awesome scrapper, designer , mom and person. so i wouldn't feel
to bad if only 3 people show up, we still think you ROCK girlie!
and what a sweet sweet man you have there to make a fake name for you lOL!

Carolynn Blair

HI Karen....well if the chat wasnt so late for me, I would have been with you. I CANNOT wait for the new kit...woo-hoo!


by the way- I posted an album on my blog, and posted about the class (look at March 07) about the classes at Oasis.


Karen, I was in the last chat with you at and will be there again this friday night.

Love your work, love reading your blog, love your products. Can't wait to chat with you on friday!


Teresa B

OMG.. you are soo funny!! Can't wait to have you back at SO!! I had a blast!!

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