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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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debbie susee

Thanks so much for all the helpful photography information. I am really interested int he 50 mm fixed lens. I think it iwll be my next lens purchase. I also have been wanting to make myself a backdrop. Guess I need some curshed black velvet yardage eh?


I was just re-reading your camera description this morning, so this lens article is timely! (Any recommendations of where to buy a lens online?)

What quality/functions would I lose from buying a Canon Rebel XT (perhaps with a great lens) compared to a Canon 30D, for example?

Jessica K.

Now you have to tell us your color editing process. I've tried some and I use PS Elements so I don't know if mine are more limited.


I have learned so much from you... I actually purchased my 28-75mm lens based on your comments. I had decided back then that my next purchase would be the 1.4mm. I, too, use Elements and also be interested in learning a bit more about your editing process. Sometimes I like the results of my tinkering, and sometimes I feel like I really messed things up. And I never really know that until the printed photos arrive in my mailbox. Thankfully, I have the original to fall back on, but wasted money that one doesn't really have!


What program did you use to color edit Courtney's picture?
Thanks for sharing!


thank you so much as always for sharing what you've learned with us. your photos are gorgeous - ALWAYS! Please please share a bit about your photo editing :D!!!


Karen, I just have to thank you for sharing all you have about photography. I received a Rebel XTi for Christmas and your tips have helped far more than the book I bought in understanding how to use the advance mode. Last night I reread all your tips and suddenly had an aha moment. Can't wait to experience today, especially since it's going to be cloudy. I, too, would be interesting in your photo editing knowledge. You explain things in such a way that I can understand.

Adrienne Looman

oh man I just saw your new narratives line (the green and turqoise) and boyyyyyyyyy DO I NEED THESE!!! Are they out already? Or if not what is the planned time frame?

Tammy Kay

Last night was fun at scraphappy kt. I bet you think I am a nut. Just wondering if you still remember me. Hard to forget I suppose. lol
Anyway. thanks for chatting with us.



Have you ever thought about doing a class in Eastern Oregon? Like Ontario? (: I'd love it!



WOW I could spend ages reading the archives of your blog. Thanks for sharing all this info...I'm putting this lens on my birthday and Christmas list! :)

I also am very interested in your color editing process. Simply beautiful.

angi bustamante

YOU KNOW, KAR since i took your class, i have been experimenting with adjusting the color to a more vivid tone.

i think i'm addicted to it now!

Haven't stopped by in awhile, and i've got some catching up to do!

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