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she is so stinkin' cute karen! i have misplaced your email addy and can't seem to find a link here. did tara get your pictures done while you were in cali with the family? if not, i have a proposition for you! have a wonderful day!


Awww...sniff're such a good mama and she is just the cutest little thing ever. What a treasure you have : )

Tanya Webster

what a little sweet pea....had to smile at everything she does when i read this...why oh why do they grow so fast???!!!....and I have to ask how you are doing those really cool borders around your photos (cuz I LOVE them!!!)


She is soooo cute :)


What a scrumptious little gal! It goes fast, doesn't it?


Oh my she really is changing quickly! Just amazes me how quickly it goes and when we think we will remember so much but don't!! Golly she is just such a cutie patootie :)


If I haven't told you lately. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that baby girl!

heidi larsen

she is so cute. i just love the way you word things. that stuff is priceless.


The cutest girl ever. I have three boys and am SO done having anymore. Your Annie is wonderful. Love the part about her slapping when she doesn't want to give a kiss (and going in the time out playpen of course). You are gonna be so glad you recorded all this stuff.


LOL least she didn't call 911! I've had that happen twice on a cell phone and once on our land line (2 different kids)!

She's so stinkin' cute!


She is such a doll! The "aaaayyy" when she toots totally cracks me up!


What a sweetheart! You made me laugh with several of your descriptions - I'm so proud of you for writing them down. I totally wish I had done more this 25+ years ago when my kids were little. Sometimes I feel like crying that they have hardly any pictures and no journalling like this. You rock, Karen - as do all moms who snap and write about their little ones!


Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Glad you wrote it all down.


Annie is THE most adorable child I have EVER seen. I love how you are documenting everything about her. She will so love that when she grows up and can see and read how much she means to you.

Laura plunk

Can you say "PRECIOUS" !!!
From the mother of 2 boys, ( Not that they wern't adorable) but I could just eat that little Annie ( & Courtney) UPPPPPP !
laura P


thank you for sharing Annie with us! I love her! good thing you don't live nearby. or maybe not. I would love to babysit any time you're in the chicago area, let me know!!

teri martin

Karen, this is way tooo precious!! what a little sweetheart.. calling Josh's business associates on his cell phone?? now THaT is a hoot!!!

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