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kim in Camas

Not very many blogs make me laugh out loud, but your's today did it for me. The bra......Love that. And the mom look is so familiar.
Bra around the neck..........I'm still giggling over that one. At least it was a pretty one.

Kay Ward

Karen, it's just so cool how you include these very "real life" photos and glimpses. Thank you for sharing!


Oh man...I really shouldn't read this while I'm at makes people wonder why I'm cracking up! I think the bra is hilarious! Wait til she gets a little older and doesn't want to wear anything at almost-5-year old is a practicing exhibitionist! ...and I think headbands rock!


I am seriously LOL'ing here. It's so nice to know that a scrapping goddess such as yourself has a totally normal and wild life and home : ) I still feel voueristic (my spelling has been awful today) seeing your life on the blog but oh how I enjoy it! It was a gorgeous day yesterday and today looks to be nice too. I think I need to try my hand at tennis again!


What a hilarious photo!!! The bra scene.
I'm sitting here laughing my head off and my husband is wondering what the heck is so funny! I really enjoy reading your blog daily.

Melissa S-E

OMG; that bra is hilarious! At least it wasn't some ol' granny bra! ;-> heehee

Heather Crawford

SO funny, my little girl puts my bras around her neck and wears them around the house too!! What's up with that?? Glad to know she's not the only


can you hear me 'LOL'ing? Annie with the bra - that's my number one picture of the year! :-)


Ohh! I am reading Parenting with Love and Logic right now! How long have you been "practicing" your Love and Logic? Yeah, the first time I tried to sing the Uh Oh song, my kids laughed at me. I was ready to laugh at myself. But anything to keep from yelling all the time, right?

PS My kids play with my bras too. The internet knows, but no one else!

Tanya Webster

these are some hilarious windows into your life girlie! :) and just to make you feel little rylee girl doesnt do the bra thing but she DOES do the underwear thing...around her neck....clean OR dirty...and does not matter whose they you are making think I should take a picture of that too :) thanks for making me smile today....totally needed it! :)


I am so going to read this book, I want to be a good gramma and not a totally spoiling one (ok maybe just a little spoiling) lol

Love, Love, Love the Mom Look you are giving Cole, that is totally what I would look like if my son picked up my camera and he is 24! ha ha

Josh is such a good sport, I smile every time I think of him as Sally Sunshine! :)

So totally loving this sunny weather!

cheryl mezzetti

Wonderful post today Karen. Your children are too cute!



I too am loving the 'real life' photos! I totally can relate to the bra around the neck as my 19 month old, Chloe, is consistently sifting through the clean (or dirty, sigh) laundry and wearing things around her neck. She's been doing this since she could crawl. And the same thing... pitches a fit when you take it from her! Too funny!


still laughing about the bra myself! love that look on her face!

have a great day!


Tonia Borrosch

OMG Karen! That is too frieking funny-Annie Bananie with that bra around her neck! She is soooooo pathetically cute! I am totally cracking up!


Thanks for a great 5 minute break from work. And thank you to Annie for having such great taste in bras! LOL


Look at that poor face! Love the bra though! And what a great way to spend the afternoon. :)

Angie Grimm

WOW your life sounds like mine. With the kids and time outs and the undergarments! LOL!!! I'm laughing with you girl!


My little one has been biting too. Nasty isn't it. The only thing worse that having your child bit is when your child is doing the biting. Such sharp puppy teeth they have too. Good luck with that.

What is the oh-oh song?


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