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Cute photo! Annie's hair is really getting long! Kaylie has quite a few I love Daddy shirts too :)

Just a FYI on the Tylenol PM, I only take 1/2 and I always take it by 10pm or I am really tired the next morning. I am pretty sensitive to things like Caffine, so that's my 2cents. :)

Glad you at least got some sleep, thought I was going to have to come over and bring a 6 pack of 'MIKES' to 'help' you sleep! lol

PS sorry I had to duck out early, but my back was killing me!

Heather Boeschen

Okay, can I be one of those weirdos who comments on total strangers' blogs? I read your post about sleeplessness yesterday and could totally relate: I have been the same way ever since my 1st child was born. Not that I can't fall asleep, but I can't stay asleep, especially if one of the kids cries, or goes to the bathroom or wanders into our room get the picture. Here's what worked for me: antihistimines. Tylenol PM and Unisom are just antihistimines, so I reasoned why couldn't I just take something like Chlortrimeton (which is cheaper than Unisom and doesn't give me the hangover Tylenol PM which is loaded with Benedryl). It's not perfect in that if you really have a crisis, like someone barfing at 2 am, and you really really wake up for that, it's not going to put you back to sleep after that, but it's enough for me to go back to sleep after a mild interruption, like someone short crawling into bed with me, or me having to wander to the bathroom myself at some point. Benedryl is just too strong for me -- knocks me out to the point where I can't wake up if I need to. Unisom is okay if you take the regular strength. The extra strength is just, again, benedryl. A 4 mg. Chlortrimeton (or its generic equivalent) works great for me. If you really have trouble, you can try the 8 mg, which is time released in two 4-hour doses. I'm not sure if you can get that in a generic.

Okay, so now I'm one of those goofs who gives people unsolicited advice on the internet. *Sigh*

Good luck.

Anna-Marie Still

Annie looks like such a big girl in this photo! *Sniff* - where did your baby go? Hope you catch some zzz's tonight!


Cute pic-but even cuter is that annie always has on bracelets :)

Jane Hasty

I love it! I love that daddy dresses her in her "daddy gear"! Too cute! Jane

Sorry, back to the sleeplessness issue. No sleep for even one day can really mess you up. And a time change doesn't help much. A few things that I tried... a semi regular routine before I go to bed, no big meals after 7pm, and the thing that seems to work the best --- regular exercise 4 - 5 times a week. I walk about 20 - 30 minutes depending on the time I have that day. Good luck!

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