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Yes, you go and take some time off, refresh yourself, spend some money just for your pleasure and everything will look better a few hours later ! At least that does it for me once in a while. Enjoy your day !


Sounds like a good plan for the day! Wish I could come play with you :)

Amber and I are headed to CKC in the morning WOO HOO

Your desk looks like mine did last week, I love it when it is clean. makes me want to sit down, but when it is messy well that is another story :)

Happy Wednesday!

Tanya Webster

I hope today is exactly what you need to refuel and recharge....maybe that best friend of yours should send you some soothing balt salts and lotions to help out *wink* :) Take care! Have a great day!


Can I just tell you how EXCITED we all are to have you coming to the Oasis in a couple of weeks??!!!!!!!!

Terry Russell

Hi Karen,
I love your blog and your pics of the kids. I missed your class in Grants Pass and have my name on a waiting list.

I have the retreat at the Box R Ranch, November 2-4, and was wondering if you can teach this year?

Let me know when you can. Can't wait for your class.

Terry Russell


love seeing that photo. . .makes me feel like I'm not the only one who's desk gets out of control but the thought of cleaning it is almost overwhelming. but gotta say i love it, love it when it is clean. am in the process of reorganizing and purging so it's not so clean now. . .but it will be :0)

hope your day was fun.

kim in Camas

How did you get a photo of my table?

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