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Tanya Webster

WOW!! she is absolutely beautiful! I cant believe she is sitting up time goes by fast!!! and yeah, pass along any hints about the eye thing....four sets of VERY brown eyes in this house too :)

Addie Hargate

Oh goody, a new class! I can't wait! #1 is ready!


she's adorable :)

I usually do an overall sharpen to my pictures (USM - 75% or 100%, 4, 1) and then I will sometimes do an eye sharpen as well by selecting the eyes with the lasso tool and doing another USM and for dark eyes lightening them a touch as well).

Good luck with your new class :)

Amy R

That photo is beautiful! And glad to hear that you are feeling better today. Have a great trip.

Angie Grimm

What a cute picture and I love those "sparkly" blue eyes. They may be a blue eye thing but so is red-eye. I don't think red-eye happens with brown eyes does it? All I know is if there were some magic red eye remover that actually did a nice job I would be all over it!
Love your posts and glad to hear you will be sticking around!


HOLLLLLYYYY! She is the stinkin cutest baby ever! And those eyes, amazing! Of course Annie takes the age bracket of kids over the age of 1....I could go on. Hopefully you are getting things done :)

See ya Later!


Yay yay yay...soooo looking forward to meeting you on Saturday @ the Oasis! Holler if you need anything 'cuz we will be more than happy to help you, ok???


CUTE! I also do a lasso-sharpen technique and may mess around with the curves a wee bit on the eyes. That is only if the eyes are completely in tack sharp focus though.

Melissa S-E

Just wanted to comment on your LO below. LOVE that your work always has a romantic quality to it. Lace, scallops, ribbon or something else that shows how much you value LOVE in your life. :)

just don't know how you balance a large family and work !!
I have been pretty spoiled, having just 2 children and them being 11 (YES) years apart. Of course now one is 26 and the other 15 ..... But I did work too.
That was all I could handle.
I so admire you "WORKING MOTHERS w/ CHILDREN" It is really hard !!
Wish you the best, and a little prayer just for good measure.


i wish i lived in CA right now! i have a couple of brown-eyed girls and the only tip i can give for those catchlights is to make sure the sun is bouncing off those eyes--sun behind you and subject's eyes are facing the sun. i have never used photoshop to get them--i just rely on having the right light.


Lisa beat me to it! Those beautiful sparkles are called catch lights which are reflections of a light source. I know you don't use flash and you often pose your kids at an angle to a window which is why you might not get those catch lights. Looking closer at Taylor's photo, it almost looks like her eyes are reflecting something white like clothing (?) Hope this helps!

Carolynn Blair

HI Karen. I am so glad to hear you will continue to blog! And, I was afraid when you talked about overload, you may not do the April kit. I cant wait to see it. Lucky folks that get to take your class. When are you coming eastward? guess that isnt in your plan anytime soon. (smile) Take care of yourself, so you can take care of your family.


If you want to see some excellent examples of brown-eyed catchlights, check out my friend Lisa's blog:


I have one son with brown eyes and I have maybe one picture where they sparkle with the catchlights. I have another son with blue eyes and every picture I take his eyes twinkle. I think there is something about blue eyes that make them easier to catch that twinkle.

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