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Brooke - In Oregon

Major Bummers! I always wished I could be the one who would fall asleep easily. My hubby is that way, I think having kids ruined my sleep. Now I wake up at everything. Even if DH is just breathing loudly! lol

Lucky for us you created a new paper line, but poopy that we don't get to see it for a year! Nice that you are ahead of the deadline though!

Tylenol pm, is my friend! I take a 1/2 a pill and I am good to go! :)


uggh. I hear you. I had a lot of sleep issues after my son was born. It is no fun, especially when you want to do nothing else but sleep, and you can't!

I highly recommend Melatonin. A natural sleep aid....

Jessica K.

I hear you on that one. I am wide awake at 3am and can't get back to sleep. Happens at least 2-3 times a week. No matter what time I go to bed. And it sucks. I used to be able to sleep in until 11am and now...well, now, now it's just something I do apparently.

Aja sleep sucks, but it is when you get your best ideas!


Benadryl from time to time...not regularly...but it helps set your clock. I am a night owl too...but my sleeping problems have been forEVER...the kids just add to it now (and I've got a snorer as well!)

I take Benadryl and then go to bed, watch TV or read a really boring book....

Heather (in Scotland)

Bummer that you're having sleep problems. :( (But gorgeous tanned legs you all have in the photo!)

I tend to half drop-off in after-lunch meetings at work if the lights are off (for a presentation etc) - I do that embarassing jerk thing where your head jerks forward and then I pretend I was just moving to get comfy!


if u find it please let me know i'd pay big money for that one. :-)

Kris with a K

I used to be the same way, sleeping easily. Then, in the last few years, it took hours to even fall asleep, and rarely stayed asleep.

then I was prescribed Lunesta.

changed. my. life.

Love that stuff!

Tanya Webster

so feelin' your pain on this one the same stinkin' boat and hating it big time right now....i have the whole insomnia problem but sick kids for the past month has reaaaaaaaly got me tired :( i'll be thinkin' of you!! :)


I'm with Kris with a K - ask your doctor for some Lunesta - it will take care of your problem, and NOT habit-forming! Trust me on this one.


i feel for you. i've had insomnia now for--well, as long as i can remember. try meditation, deep breathing, benadryl, nyquil, ambien. and no caffeine after 2 p.m. good luck


Go get a massage, reflexology, accupuncture...something to clear the channels with in you and to destress you. Its the stress thats affecting you. I see this all the time in my clients. ((HUGS))


When I'm wound up, I always have a cup of Yogi Tea's "Bedtime" tea.. I also try a yoga sequence to get me calmed down and relaxed before bed..

cheryl mezzetti

Lately {the past month} I can't sleep either. Wake up after an hour or two. I ball of dust falling to the floor is noisy at 3 am.
Hope things get better soon. I tried counting sheep - not sure who came up with that brilliant idea. Doesn't work.


I completely understand!! I was diagnosed with narcolepsy 2 months ago!! I had the same problem you do. People with narcolepsy also have trouble sleeping at night. I went to a sleep clinic - and the figured it out :) Good Luck - I know how frustrating lack of sleep - and being sleepy all day can be.

Tara Hovsepian

You are just too cute!! I ordered your last class "out of the box", seaside, ....anyway. I totally have a formula for sleeping well each night. A couple glasses of wine while cooking dinner, a couple in between and while eating dinner, then a couple of tylenol pm with water before bed and I am good to go. Sure, I may be a little groggy at first in the morning, but man, at least I feel rested and ready to tackle my two girls the next day....
Tara Hovsepian-Melrose FL

Tara Hovsepian

Oh, let me just say. Small glasses of wine. I do know that you ( and I ) have to function. Just enough to give a little relaxation. Cool? Happy Spring. Lovin' this weather in FL. Wow. I am totally ready to be outside. :)

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