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Kris with a K

Kudos to you, Karen, for having the insight to see a need for a change, and for the courage to not only consider it, but to determine a change for the better, and also to publicly announce it, thereby becoming accountable for it! In my own secret way, I will try to mirror your changes in priority....I hope you are successful, even more happy, in your to-be new changes in lifestyle! (I have my own changes to make....)


What a stunning photo of you! And I love your layout - its gorgeous as usual! Its sad that us mothers (myself included!) give ourselves such a hard time and that we are so quick to feel like failures. Finding a balance between being a mother and working (ie feeling like you actually have a brain and can use it constructively) is something I think most of us struggle with. So if it helps, don't feel like you're the only one struggling to work out what works for you - but do congratulate yourself on being determined to keep trying to make your world a better place. 'Cause that's all we ever want for our families, right?


This stunning layout says it all. Take a break from the treadmill of life as a working mum and stop putting yourself last like we mothers tend to do, you deserve it ! Kids grow faster than lightning, enjoy them and spend as much quality time with them as you can. Take care !


HOOAH, Karen. I feel the same. Finding and maintaining balance is HARD. I don't know how you do all that you do. I have a fledgling business that is just starting and I am a WAHM with 3 kids and I feel run ragged most days. Thank God for my crock-pot and an understanding family. But I, too, have felt that tug, to walk away from stuff more often. To just breathe in my kids. To just BE, you know?
Good luck with your priority re-set. It's tough but so worth it.


Annie Adams

Just remember to play and you will be o.k. - play with your kids, your scrapping stuff and hubby(date night) - have fun, the rest will fall into place. Good luck with your decision..see you at the Oasis.


So wise..and so excited for you. Time...the thing in life you can't ever get back! :)


We all feel it Karen. {hugs} to'll all work out. Your LO is gorgeous and you have your priorities in the right place even if it doesn't feel like it right now. You are not a failure. Enjoy your time off and regroup. {{HUGS}}

Tanya Webster

In the end no one ever says they wished they would have worked more and spent less time with their's always the other way do what feels right to you and everything will all work out..i promise!! :) HUGE hug to you girlie!!

ps: one of my favorite quotes of all time: "dont get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life" :)


Beautiful layout Karen! Take care of yourself and your beautiful little family. Do what is best for you! :)


Change.....why does that word scare us so? You are so right will never be here again.

Way to go on embracing it!

Addie Hargate

Great layout Karen, I love it!


I love the layout and the sentiment!


PS. Haper is currently flipping through your baby girl journaling notebook and reading it like a book. She likes all the "pretty" colors.


Good for you, Karen, for coming to a decision to make changes that are good for both you and your family! Kids and babies grow up way too soon! I know you will be able to reprioritize to fit in the things that matter the most to you. Hang on to the best parts that make you YOU, and the other things you might find are not so important anymore, or you will be able to recapture time for them as your family's needs change. Take care!


Wow Change is hard and I have to give you so much credit for your decision, what ever it is, because you really made yourself acountable here. That is huge and good for you!!! You go girl :)


it is so hard to call this scrapbooking thing work, but when it takes you away from your family- whether you are being paid for it, or not- it IS work. I think you will be so happy when you figure out what you have to do for work, and cut out what you don't. I hate change too- but there's nothing more important than your family and your happiness.


oh yea, but I am happy that you booked your trip to the Oasis before you decided to make the change. :) see you there!

Jessica Severson

How on earth do you get such beautiful pictures of yourself? I too am the one behind the camera all the time and have found it rare to see myself in one!

This is my first visit to your sight. How wonderful! I too have a one-year-old Annie (Annika). I love the photo of her with the blocks, where did you find the letters for them?


What a beautiful page, Karen. Good for you and best of luck. :)

Melissa Villalobos

Wow! Absolutley amazing layout. Very inspiring!

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

Amazing layout! You go girl......


Hi Karen! I'm a lurker on your blog and seeing little Annie grow has been and is a delight. Even when I don't have time to read the all my favorite blogs, yours is one I always check to see if you have posted new pics. I almost feel like part of your family :) I hope you figure out a balance that you and yours will be content (and happy) with and (selfishly) that it still includes your blog; otherwise, you may need to adopt me and make it official :)

Linda A. (elendae)

What a fantastic layout, Karen!

fran heupel

Wonderful layout karen! Enjoy life everyday and make it count.
You have a beautiful family.

fran heupel

callie Smith

Instead of having to travel to teach may you should hookup with big picture scrapbooking and you can do the online classes. That way you don't have to leave home to do it. That way we can all get into your class. If you don't know what I am talking about let me know. But, I am pretty sure you know. Take care and take it easy. Callie

Ashley Schultz

I love this layout. Good for you for re-prioritizing.

sarah the kiwigirl

Stunning layout Karen!


Wow. This couldn't have been shared at a better time, as I feel like I am failing big time in many ways, frightened by the reality and too damn overwhelmed to even know where to begin. You've just helped me to simplify things. One thing at a time! All I have to do is journal what it is I want to change, and find an answer for each, one at a time. Reality is that there is not any one thing that is going to solve everything! Sometimes, the mountain just seems too big- so you avoid and that makes things worse. Just now, I sat down and wrote 15 things that I want to change, and balanced my checkbook (long overdue) and I feel like a HUGE weight has been taken off my shoulders. And I'm actually looking forward to making the changes! Right this very second, I'm pretty darn happy to be me. Thank you, Karen Russell :)

And that photo of you is so fun and beautiful.

Elizabeth B

Okay for completely selfish reasons please don't disappear. I personally need you around as well for inspiration, to know that I'm not completely out of my mind in my parenting stuff, and that it is possible to have a blended family and still have fun :) what you need to do...but please don't give up your blog :)
I know I don't post on here much but I always read. And you inspire me, in scrapbooking, in life and in friendship.
Thank you....


It is scary, isn't it? But you do know that it will seem like you barely blinked and Russ will be turning 30 (that just happened to our son, 3 weeks ago - how in the world??!!) and Annie will be having a baby of her own, right? Take time to enjoy them and good luck sorting it all out!

And if possible, please try to take a few pictures now and then that you can share to inspire the rest of us, okay? Thanks!

melissa deakin

this layout is amazing.
absolutely incredible.
warm wishes to you.


You did a great job on those beautiful pictures of my baby girl courtney.....

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