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the cute ones are ALWAYS the most trouble! at my house, in my classroom...

you gotta love 'em, though!


That's an awesome picture...depth of field is so cool. Wish I could control that with my digital. Can't talk my hubby into buying me a digital SLR, though....sigh.

Tanya Webster

gosh those are some cute kids....coley looks so much like you it is unbelievable!! and yeah, the cute ones are ALWAYS trouble!! :) Have a great weekend! T


Love this picture. Can't wait to spend some quality time with you to learn how to take some good pictures!



it's always the cute ones that keep you on your toes!


Karen - Can you list the settings on that picture of Coley and Annie? I just got the same lens (different body), haven't played with it much outside yet, but want to see what you are doing with it. Thanks!


not related to this post, but just read about your sleeping woes:( and didn't want this to get lost in a sea of comments... Don't know if anyone mentioned this in the comments from your sleep post or not...but my dh has occasional sleeping issues that plague him..and a friend suggested Simply is a sleep aid pill from the makers of Tylenol..but *unlike* Tylenol PM--it doesn't contain anything like the Benadryl that is in the PM...hence not making you feel hung over in the aftermath. It works great for him and we feel more comfortable with taking it since it is not prescribed or habit forming....might be worth a try before going for a prescribed version:) We found it @ Wal-Mart or the like:)
Hope that helps:)


i believe it is the age. i have a ds about cole's age and all i did today was get on to him. didn't help that dd was up at 5 this morning after i went to bed at 1 this morning, but that's another thing. i honestly believe it is something about that age and trying to figure out their boundaries and find out if we really will love them no matter what. if it helps you can use my saying, "someday he will be gone and i will miss this, maybe." good luck.


Hi Karen, I love the new HoneyDew collection. Do you do any of your collections in digital format? I prefer digital scrapbooking, but love your look!


super cute photo Karen! hope you had a fantastic weekend!


I think it's the name. We find ourselves saying pretty darned frequently "good thing he's cute" about our Cole!

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