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Oh...I am sitting here with tears in my eyes! You are an amazing person, and I am so thankful that you may have been given this chance to let him know how much you love him. I've had a horribly strained relationship with my father for years, and reading your story makes me think twice about how worth it is to be the "stubborn one". I'm not usually the "praying type", but I will send one up for you and your grandpa, and the chance that he can smother Annia Bannie in those kisses!


Karen, I'll say a little prayer for your Grandpa and hope all is well.


Prayers going up for your Grandfather, Karen! I hope you do get that second chance! Hugs!


Saying prayers Karen. I love what you wrote.

Angi B

i am the praying kind and i will , no doubt...

Glendy Morrison

Hi Karen. Donny called me last week to let me know how jealous he was that you were going to Disney Land, I thought I would check out your blog to see how the trip went. I have tears flowing down my cheeks reading about your grandpa.My prayers are with your family.


Prayers going up for you and your family!


Well, you know I'm the praying kind. Whatever happens, he will know how much you love him, ya know? He will see it. Love you......


Saying prayers right now.

Tanya Webster

yup, I'm the praying kind too sweetie and I will be doing alot of that for you and your grandpa.....and you know, he TOTALLY KNOWS that you love him...he really does...take care sweetie....

Brooke - in Oregon

Prayers GF! Yep I am crying now too, we are dealing with stuff with my grandmother and it can be hard, oh so hard. Love her like crazy but I can't live with her so ya I feel guilty totally! Hugs and prayers coming your way.


I check in with your blog periodically and this entry brough tears to my eyes. We have never met, but the way you wrote about your family and their imperfections (a lot like mine) is so honest and moving and beautiful. I'll be sending up prayers for all of you, and hoping that Annie gets those kisses.

Ashley Schultz

I have tears in my eyes. You are lucky to have such a beautiful relationship with your grandfather. My thoughts and prayers and with him and you.


what a big heart you have for your grandfather. This post really touched me. I have a distant relationship with my Dad. I feel bad I don't see him very much at all and we are only 1 and half hour away. This really hit home. Thanks so much for reminding me how life is short and those we love need to know. Have a safe trip. I know your grandfather must already know how much you love him. My prayers are with you.


Elizabeth B

My thoughts and prayers are with you's hoping you get a chance to say good bye.

Chris Hauck

What a touching story! I hope that you reach him in time and that you're able to share with him how special he is to you, though deep down inside he knows. You have a connection, you and he. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


I hope all is well and my heart goes out to you and annie!


Karen- so sorry for your troubles. Prayers going up for you and yours. Hope you make it in time.

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