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Heather (in Scotland)

Ooh - you're having a TW photo shoot? Lucky you! Have a great trip. :)


You'll love the tara shoot. She is the best!
I can't stop loving the pictures she shot of my family.



Can't wait to meet you. I will be taking your classes on SAturday. Also, you will have so much fun with Tara. She is the best. I just love the photos she took of my family.


Have a wonderful time Karen. I'm jealous that you're getting Tara Whitney for a shoot! ;) Enjoy disney land and the beach!

Tanya Webster

Have a great, great, great time girlie! cant wait to hear about it when you come back :)


OH can't wait to see the full class! I'm soooo jealous! lol


Glad you are getting a tiny bit of time off, should be a fun RV trip! I love the RV life!! So nice to be able to hit the potty without having to stop (well not for the driver) lol

Hey when are you teaching your new class at No Bare Pages??

Can't wait to see the pictures!

Addie Hargate

Have a great time! The class layouts look awesome! I cannot wait to see the pictures Tara takes! That is so cool!

Anna-Marie Still

Wow! Got room in that RV for one more?? Sounds like a great trip! Can't wait to hear all about it!


Great layouts, and great sounding trip. I can't wait to hear about what a great time you had!


This class looks amazing! Hoping this will be one of your kits for sale. I'm stuck in the midwest with little hope of you ever making it out here to teach!

Enjoy the vacation,

Teresa Brown

OMG Karen!! Thanks for bringin' it. I truely enjoyed your classes.... I had a blast... I will enjoy adding a new touch to my albums.. and I'm going to TRY your challenges... hmm.. the whole out of the box thing wasn't as scary as I thought.. I love my pages.. Thank you so much!! Enjoy the rest of our trip, safe journey home and hope to see you again at SO!!
Thanks again...


Gosh I'd love to take a class with you! This one looks amazing. Hopefully I'll get to purchase the kit.

Have a wonderful time with your family! Disneyland and pictures with Tara Whitney? Dang girl, you've got so much fun stuff in front of you!


I was in your class yesterday and it was awesome! I'm so inspired by your philosophy of only working with the photos that inspire you AND all the ways to put tons of pictures on a page. Thanks again for a wonderful afternoon and ideas that I'll definitely be putting into practice.

Lyn Meeker

Too late to tell you that you should take a ride on the Balboa Ferry ... the kids would love it... I wish I would have clicked on your blog last week!

Cindy Johnston

Hi Karen...
Love to read your blog! Wish I could take one of your awesome classes but I dont think you'll ever be coming to my little town! Would love to buy one of your class kits for PictureThis class if you will be selling those. Not sure if you sell all your class kits or just when you have some left overs.
Again...always a pleasure to read your blog!
Take care!

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