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Happy Birthday Courtney!!!!!!!!!

Beautiful layout, as usual! ....and glad to hear she got scrap stuff! Good job...teaching 'em young!

Tanya Webster

oooooh man...cant wait to see that layout.....and the news guy was right....that girl has an ADORABLE smile! Happy Birthday sweet girl!! :)

Ashley Schultz

Gorgeous layout! Happy Birthday Courtney!

Addie Hargate

Happy Birthday Courtney!
Great layout Karen! I signed up for your new class yesterday and guess what? guessed it! I am still #1! Woot!Woot!


Happy BIRTHDAY Courtney Lee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heather (in Scotland)

Happy birthday, Courtney, from Heather over in Scotland.


And a very happy birthday from Germany !!!


Happy Birthday to Courtney! My boy just turned 5 on the 9th (and the training wheels aren't going anywhere for a while!).

My best friend and I are hoping to meet up at CK's convention in Phoenix, AZ this September. We are about 6 hours away from e.o. now, and so excited about time together w/o kiddos, etc. Talking about what class we'd dream of taking while there and we both thought of you.

So...don't know if you ever teach for Creative Imaginations at these things (we've never been to anything but a lss crop before!), but we wanted to put it in your mind. Phoenix is beautiful that time of year!

All the best to you and yours. DK


beautiful LO!!

Bety :)

Nona D

This layout is STUNNING! I can't wait for you to come back to Seattle so I can take your class.

btw - Random note - I was shopping at Lasting Memories the other day and saw a layout. I thought to myself - "HEY! That's baby Annie!" I looked up and sure enough it was a display of your products and class. I was sad to have missed it, but snatched up a bunch of the papers so I could do it at home.

Blessings to Courtney Lee! (ps... I love the 4 candle - that is SO something my husband would do). LOL...


sarah the kiwigirl

Happy Birthday Courtney!!! Love the story behind the number 4 on the the idea of the accordian album on the layout! Gorgeous layout!!

Chris W.

Happy Birthday from San Francisco! You have the best birthday, it's my birthday too.


Happy Birthday, Courtney! Have fun wheeling around on that bike and then scrapbooking! You are a lucky girl!

I can't believe you already have the pictures in a LO - you rock! That album idea looks so cool - I want to take your class!!

Carolynn Blair

Wow! 5 years old! Courtney you are big! and Karen, I cannot wait until your kit comes out. The LO is beautiful as usual. !!

Melissa S-E

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, COURTNEY!!! I will have a 5yo, myself, in June. Well.... she's 4.5 now - I won't be giving birth to a 4yo... eek (that's going downhill fast)!! Karen, I must know how you made those GORGEOUS flourishes that peek out from behind the photo!!! If someone knows, would you please e-mail me the info? Love 'em and I'm gonna make the most of the flourishes while they're still trendy! ;-> *wink*


such a gorgeous photo and layout - you're amazing. :)


But it is always better to be safe rather than sorry, especially when it comes to matters that are this serious.

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