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Tanya Webster

you are one SUPER awesome mom Karen...and I can say that cuz I have met that boy of yours and he impressed the crap out of me.....not an easy thing to do in 45 minutes!! you should be proud....and so should he :)


Awesome picture Karen Russell. It will be an excellant album cover eventually! :) I hope Ross had a Great time!

Hugs to all!


Good job Mom! Ya, when Ross puts out his 1st album you can do a write up for him!! Great photo

Ok, am I the only one that thinks FLOATER is a really weird name! May be my sick sense of humor but my mind was totally 'in the toilet' lol

See ya tomorrow night!


And he's a good kid. I loved reading that. I often have to remind myself with my oldest daughter as we but heads how good of a kid that she really is. Sometimes that's reason enough to let our kids do something extra.


As a big fan of Floater, I have much respect for this situation. This band, though heavy, are not all about the glam and show that 99% of the other bands do. Floater simply rocks with very intelligent lyrics and melodic and occasionally heavy tunes. They are just great talents and great songwriters.

Best wishes to you and who knows, maybe at some acoustic Floater show in Seattle I'll see you guys in the crowd (if'n you ever make it to Seattle for a show).


PS, you take some great pictures!?!

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