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Well, it's always an adventure right?

I sure hope you're not one of the out-of-town family sessions that Tara mentioned she had to cancel on this past weekend!!!

Tanya Webster

you seriously need to write a book girl....WHY oh WHY do things like this happen to you all the time???!!!! glad you made it in time....cant wait to hear more :)

Tanya Webster

you could name it "The Adventures of the Modern Brady Bunch".....seriously!!!


Hello! So glad you're back! We just got home from Sacramento last night and I complained the whole time about those CA roads. I swear they are the worst ever! I was so happy to get back to OR! Can't wait to hear the rest of the story! Hey, I also stopped at No Bare Pages on my way home, that is cute store! I picked up a few goodies there and saw a layout of Annie in the store!

Angi B

woman, you are a RIOT, and I can't wait to take more of your classes! ... you mentioned in class that you were the only one who showed up to one of your recent scheduled on-line chats --- DUDE, that had to be a total FREAK ACCIDENT, for sure. LOVED that you let us oogle over your interactive layouts in real life. That was a total highlight for me. Thanks for enduring your scary road trip on our behalf --- Real life is good as gold. : )


To: The BEST Product Designer EVER,
We LOVE ROCKED the Oasis and DID IT GOOD! SO MUCH FUN! We soooo will come to YOU next time...heck, we REALLY need an Ali AND Karen class...the ying & yang of scrapbooking, don'tcha think!!?? PLEASE????


Life is never dull for you guys, is it? :)


I can NOT belive that is the complete backstory to your trip to the OASIS. Let me just say, in no way were you 'off' at all on Friday night (or Saturday) and I would have never guessed all of that had happened, even though you told us you had dinner in the Wal-Mart parking lot! Just KNOW that your efforts were truly appreciated by everyone who was in your classes- and I would drive the 14 hours to do another class with you- you're that cool!


omg! what a riot! i'm sorry for all your trouble, but i do enjoy that share it with us! i LOVE scrapbook oasis, and i live in OHIO! the gals there are WONDEFUL!


Thanks for the good laugh, I can't wait to hear the rest of your story. Glad you & your family made it home safely!

Brooke - in Oregon

I can't sleep in the bed in the motorhome while we are driving either but I can sleep on the couch. I think I feel safer with the back of the couch touching me. Plus it took me a bit to be able to relax and know Paul was not going to fall asleep either! lol


Can you give me the address to that store? We are going to Disneyland in June and I would love to go to that store. I hope you had fun at Disneyland. I will see you April 19th in Grants Pass!

truck rental

Driving around paces that I'm not familiar with, even if I have a GPS or someone to help me navigate is always nerve wrecking so I know exactly how you felt when you got lost.


I enjoy what you guys are up too. This kind of clever work and exposure! Keep up the good works guys I've incorporated you guys to my blogroll.

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