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Oh girl, just love you and your quirks, love that you are just as real as the rest of us :) love that you can look back and laugh at things, granted after you cool down. But from one roller coaster (who is trying to downsize the drops) thanks for making it real and making me smile.


Just for the record... I have never watched Dr. Phil before and I will never watch him again.

Kim Hacking

That's pretty funny. The whole enchilada! And then the icing on the cake being Josh's comment. You guys make me smile.

Kay Ward

One of the reasons I so enjoy your blog is that your genuineness (is that a word?) just shines through. I think we women tend to be a bit more of a roller coaster than men, but isn't that life, too? A wonderful movie called Parenthood with Steve Martin and Mary Steenburgen is about just that; family, life, kids, and the whole big roller coaster. If you haven't ever seen it you might enjoy it. It's so funny and real, about all the imperfections and goodness and bumps in the road :)


That is a super cute story, although I would have been doing the same thing as you. At least he isn't quoting Jerry Springer... You should watch Mr & Mrs Smith, for anybody married or in a relationship it is pretty funny. Because there are days you want to kill him :)

kim in Camas

That cracks me up! My husband is very much like Josh, except he lifts his shirt and starts rubbing his belly in a "check this out" kind of way when I'm trying to be heard. oooohhh, makes me so mad.

Angie G.

Now that made me laugh "Dr. Phil is a liar". Go Josh!


LOL..sorry..but that last part...heh....and..if that's any're not alone acting like that now and then (*cough*)...I know I can be irreasonable...and the one suffering is my sweet dear's not that bad...I think..just small things like the one you mentioned above.... I get irritated and I show....snapping to him...sigh... I'm aware and I'm trying to constrain me..but it's hard..:P Nice to know I'm not alone :D

Tanya Webster

as if the story was not funny enough in itself josh's comment was seriously enough to make me start laughing OUTLOUD!! did you get Annie's bracelet back somehow???

Lisa W

So - were you able to fish the braclet out of the vent?

;) You are so fortunate that you can laugh about it, KAren. Sounds like a perfect marriage! Good for you - now if we could only muzzle Dr Phil....


Now that story would have had a lot more meaning if I could have stopped thinking about eating at the Laughing Clam the whole time I was reading it. I guess I am with you on the hunger thing.


calendar in front of the toilet- up on the opposite wall. Should have about 40 minutes a day to study it, right?


Great story and cute picture! How was the class? I worked late and didn't make it to my window peeping as intended!


lol - its so nice to know that someone elses life is like mine. Thanks for being so down to earth.


Karen, there isn't much I can say except...I just love you! I think you are the Best; so real and so out there for all of us to see. Love reading your life stories and can definitely relate - I'm the roller-coaster and my husband is the joker. Strange how I laugh out loud at your recants but can't seem to find the humour in my own. ;-)
PS: Nothin' worse than getting a Dr.Phil quote thrown back at you - am I right!?


Yep, my dh doesn't read my calendar, either and he keeps scheduling work out of town while it is a major problem for me. Hugs to you and this phase of your life with all its crazy demands will slow down sooner than you will want it to. It always does. Hang in there.


I'm married to someone who thinks all marital conflicts can be solved with jokes, too. Luckily his single dimple on his right cheek bails him out nearly every time! ;)

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