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OMGosh Karen... You are truly amazing thank you so very much for being a part of the Chalet girls. I can't wait to start this challenge.


First of all...thanks for chatting with us at the Chalet last night! Super fun! Second...I LOVE your scraplift! It is so fun and just beautiful! You're the best!!!


Great challenge - I have an unplanned day so I hope to get right on it! It was great to have you chatting with us last night!


Hello Karen! You are great! Thank you so much for the chat... and for following up with the Challenge!! Now if only I could get you to come to Montreal!! lol
Beautiful LO! Take care ;)


I love your scraplift. Your photos are so beautiful. Hope you can come to Roseburg to teach your photo class.
Since it's really nasty out today, I'm going to hunker down and try a scraplift. And I know who I'm going to do. Elsie couldn't be farther from my style, so going to look at her book right now. :-)


beautiful scraplift!


Love love love your page Karen!!! :)


No disrespect to candice whatsoever, but i really like your's better...:) Thanks this morning for the inspiration and the challenge.


i love your lo & i agree w/ nicole. although candice's is awesome, i really like yours. i guess it's closer to my preference since i LOVE your style. but you're right scraplifting outside one's comfort zone stretches u big time! i'll give it a try. any chance you'll come teach in northern cal. anytime soon?

Jaci Clark

Thanks so much for the great chat at the Chalet Karen. It was a pleasure meeting and talking with you!
I love this challenge! What a great way to get us out of our comfort zone. Your lift is FAB!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!


Kim Bolyard

I love challenges...I do love both of those layouts.



I had a blast chatting with you and loved the challenge! Did you smell those rub-ons? ROFL

Tanya Webster

shhhhh--i like your layout better :)


Yes! I hear you! That's one of the reasons I (most of the time) love challenges - and I guess that's also why I don't really have "one" style..but several different...imo... :) LOVe both the layouts! SO different YET so similar! Beautiful! Will have your thoughts in my mind when looking for my next challenge and try pick something far away from "me" :)

Ashley Schultz

I adore your layout and I'm excited to try this challenge!


Darn! I missed the challenge last night. But I'll try to do this challenge.....sounds very.......challenging! :)


Thanks for chatting with us the other night at the Chalet. I had a great time. I am going to work on your challenge next weekend. I'll probably do that instead of homework. :) Hillary.

Kimberly Lyon

You are so right. Everyone knows that I didn't really like the color orange. Last year the color became popular. So, I colored outside my personally set lines and preferences ..and wow ...not only was the page fantastic...but the color actually grew on me.

Angie Grimm


I love your layout! I kind of like that although it is a different style then your own that it still looks like you. But your challenge is a good one. I think I will take you up on it and find a grungy, graphic style, which really isn't my style at all. Thanks for the food for thought :-)

Anna-Marie Still

Cool blog entry today Karen, very thought provoking! Love both layouts - Candice's & yours. Have an awesome day!

Heather  Moll

I love this challenge and am totally going to take you up on it! Love your take on Candice's layout! Great photos!


My absolute favourite challenge and the only technique I excel at. LOL And I love all your work the best.

Cheryl Sullivan

I love that you can see how much Courtney loves Coley! How sweet!


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