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Our kiddos only get pop when they are sick too. Just like when I was a kid and stayed at grandma's when I was sick and couldn't go to school. The only thing you could drink was warm and usually flat 7-up. Funny!!


I've got one of those at home too...temperature of 104.2 at the highest (yesterday). She won't drink soda, though. Just water. And blessings upon blessings, she is eating. But three days of fever has worn her down. I hope it breaks for your coley, and my little girl, too.

Jennie DeMichielli-Moreland

Hi Karen,
My kids love the Annie Organic MAc-n-cheese white cheese. Also I saw at Scrapbook Attack you are doing classes. Are these new ones or the same classes you have done at Small Town Memories but with a different title? I was wondering cause I usually take my classes with Pat but were confused when they said these were exclusive to their store only. Thanks and love your class on Scrapping outside the box. I hope everyone stays healthy at home. Everything is still going around.

I am sorry Coley is ill. Hopefully he is better by now. I cracked up when you wrote widdle. I always write poor widdle duys....ha

cant wait for the new April kit!
take care.

Tanya Webster

ugh....good luck girlie! All four of my girls were down most of the week last week with the really high temp, yucky yucky eating....:( was awful...I'll be prayin' for all of you! :) T


Sending lots of good healthy vibes for Cole, hope he is feeling like his cute little spunky self real soon!


poor boo-boo - hope he feels better soon!(and before he drives you batty!)


Hi Karen, Hope Coley's feeling better soon. I tried to resend those pics to you, let me know if you didn't get them and I'll try again. I think they went through this time (the email didn't bounce back to me) take care!


Argh bless him ... I hope he's feeling better soon. :)


How sweet of Ross to let his little brother sleep in his bed ! They need so much more TLC when they are sick, hope he will be well again soon !

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