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Anna-Marie Still

Wow Karen! That's totally exciting news! Congrats!


How fun to look at a german scrapbooking site. I don't understand a word of it. I am going to Frankfurt, Germany in a couple of weeks on business. I would love to see a German scrapbook store. I'll have to do a little research!


Hi Karen,
I am glad very much about your visit in Germany. I hope we will meet with your first workshop and I am already very full of expectaion.
Many greetings form Bavaria, Germany


Oh my gosh how awesome is that!

I LOVED Germany and would go back in a flash :)

Oh you have to enjoy a Dooner for me, these yummy hot sandwich things that are all over Germany. Oh now I am just craving one. lol


That is great Karen! Those scrappers over there will love you! So excited for you guys!


I sure do wish scrapbooking had been bigger in Germany where I was living. While it was taking off in Bamberg, there were no scrapstores, and the local arts store was EXPENSIVE, to say the least.

But you will absolutely enjoy Germany - the language isn't has hard as it seems. I picked it up rather quickly...I spent a year there...wish I'd had longer. Looks like, from your tour schedule, you'll be in Austria, too!

Oh, and I'll second Sabine's comment - have a Döner for me...they are the BEST!!!!


Any chance you'll be visiting Holland as well? I love reading your blog every day and I can't wait to meet you during one of your 'tours' to Europe. Since I'm living in Holland - that small country left from Germany - I was hoping you could extend your trip and visit 'us' as well....


weeehee. you are coming to Hamburg -my city!!! Weehaaa - can't wait!

Tanya Webster

so so so totally cool!! couldnt be happening to a more awesome person! cant wait to see the pictures from that trip!! Soo happy for you girlie! T


How funny is it to read about germany at your site?! Döner, heehee :-) Maybe i can take the chance to signup one of your classes while you're touring germany.


I used a free online translator to translate that page into English, whereupon it makes not much more sense but is kind of funny. :)

"We are pleased and are proud that Karen Russel comes exclusively for Living MEMORIES in June to Germany.

Who is Karen Russell ?

With Karen Russell into contact I came some years ago as a customer over its products. Karen is the Designerin of the negative strips and dia. dia-Raehmchen (ORIGINALS!) under the term "Narratives". Also with the foils Karen Russell with one was first, which brought these on the market, today has nearly each company also foils in the program. The newest papers are mad those the Scalloped series, for interesting layouts. I could work with the products of the Narratives series well, at the papers always occur to me also always immediately somewhat and as said, I was already at the time, when I had still no business, a fan of Karen Russell and their products.

After we had already Quickutz as a guest to our weekends, we wanted to get now an American Designerin and to me immediately Karen Russell broke in. Unfortunately it folded according to schedule not to the weekend and in such a way to have we short hand route by Germany did not plan and is on 5 days crosswise by Germany in your proximity. Thus can also interested from Berlin Hamburg and proximity Cologne without far starting ways in a Workshop with Karen Russell to participate.

After initial email contact we met on the last fair in Los Angeles and the details discussed. I can only say, her am SUUUPER nicely, no to little....einfach only taken off and absolutely forestalling class!"

Ashley Schultz

How exciting for you!


What exciting news!!!!


too funny cyndi w/ the translation.
& you're absolutely right!
karen- how very fun for u!


So happy you are coming to Europe, just WISH so much it was England......that translation is so funny!


Way cool ... I'll definitely be there and take the Workshop and I can't wait! This will be sooo fun :)
Love - Andrea


Can`t wait, but you already know that, don't ya ? This will be a big thing, you beeing the first scrapbooking celebrity teaching in Germany, a milestone for us here !


So Cool. Germany won't know what hit them when you arrive. They are going to love you!!!!


Such awesome news! You are sure to have a wonderful time. Those German scrappers are lucky to have ya!


How do we read that web page in english

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