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Shelly VanWormer

Have a safe trip. Make sure you don't drive drowsy. My dad is a truck driver who worked nights when we were kids and we always said the same thing to him every night before he left for work.

"Drive carefully, Don't get in a wreck, and If you get tired...Pull Over."

Hope you have a fun weekend. This should not be hard for you. You have such a fun spirit about you.


you look like you are having a lot of fun!

Michelle Gauthier

That's a great photo! Like it! And I hope you get some rest this weekend..and have a great time teaching!


Just thought I'd give you heads up that I'll be there, so you can be prepared! Well, I just can't wait to see you this next thursday at SC in GP----its certainly been long enough!!!


Hope you got a good night sleep last night. Class was awesome like always!

About's a link to the 2007 master list at 2Peas

some great challenges to get the juices flowing. Can't wait for your next class...keep us posted!



HI, Karen -
I'm just loving your blog - I check it every time I'm on the computer!! Could you please send me a quick email? I have something to send to you and I need an address Thanks muchly.

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