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Ashley Schultz

She is so stinkin' cute!

Mel Nunn

Hey I was about to say that!!

Michelle Gauthier

Love this post - the thoughts, the love and that great photo. She's so cute she makes me want to have a baby!


Ha ha, love it! She is making some milestone changes, but I just have to say it to - She is so STINKIN cute! Love her reflection in the wood floor. :)

susanne ponce

sometimes the blurry photos are the best. i am so glad i asked you about the signing. i think it's so cool. i wish i had done that with my kiddos.

you have a beautiful set of kids there!


She'a such a sweet and beautiful baby! Can't wait for my 3 month old to interact more! (Although he smiles and coos when I talk to him and that makes my heart pitter-patter.) Quick question: How old was Annie when you started teaching her to sign? I'd love to do that with my little one.

Melissa Villalobos

She is just too cute and so sweet! I'm loving that photo.

Laura P

Cute picture, whats with that shinney floor, looks like you could EAT off it ! What do you use on it, I have hardwood floors and they don't look like that !!
laura P


Very cute picture! She's growing so fast! How was the Safari? We go quite often and Gabe loves it!


How wonderful! HOw old is she and are you teaching her sign language/signs for a reason or just to communicate some with her? My daughter who's soon two is learning signs very very speedy...and I'm so sorry I didn't start earlier (my two nieces learned sign language & started using it at about 6-7 months) whole family is deaf...but lives so far away from I havent been good to my children...but I will now that I see how quick and fun my daughter is pickin up the signs..:)

Wanda E. Santiago

She is so precious and you are so right it captures each and everyone of those things you said! She is such a lucky little girl to have you!! Hugs Wanda


I just saw the new borders at quick stop them, can't wait to play...


she is so stinkin' cute and such a little hippie girl!!


Cutest Picture Ever!


She is an absolute doll!!!! Love it! awwww CUTE!!!


Kyler (my baby well he is 2) saw Annie and kept saying cute baby cute baby cute baby....over my shoulder I thought I would share.


CUTNESS... she looks just like you sitting there... look at your profile photo and then her... striking! :)


There is no doubt in my mind that you make the cutest kids on the planet. WAAAAHHHHH ! ! ! ! (my kids are cute, but yours... WOWEEEE)

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