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LOL - my son is nearly 18 months old and we teach sign language too - we did it for a long time and just thought he didn't get it then one day out of the blue he started signing "more", "milk", "eat" and "all done". It's amazing how much they retain! And, yes, I keep feeding him to reinforce the sign language as well. :)

Kathy C.

Hi Karen,
My daughter Charlie is 9 1/2 months old. We've been "signing" with her since she was 6 months old. She's really starting to "get" certain sure if a fun stage.

I love reading your blog and seeing Annie's progress. The photos from her birthday were PRICELESS! I'm hoping to take one or two of your classes at Scrapbook Attack in Portland this May!


Love Wildlife Safari! And that's a great photo!


LOVE signing. We used it with Ethan, and he had almost 30 signs. We have been working on this with Arden too, but so far with only limited success.

A great site i love is as it has animated little pictures of most signs that you might want to use with babies.

love that pic :)

Tanya Webster

that is one stinkin' cool picture...seriously!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! :) (she is sure starting to look like her mommy all the sudden :) T

kim in Camas

That is an amazing shot! Love it.
I was born and raised in Oregon and believe it or not, I have never been to Wild Life Safari. We are however planning a trip this summer. My 8 yr old should love it.


Josh gets an 'atta boy' for getting such a great shot of Annie! :)

Headed to Portland this afternoon otherwise I would pop in on your chat!

Have a great weekend


cute, cute photo!


Karen, I enjoy reading all about your work and family life on your blog.....I have taught sign to 5 babies now and love it! I have noticed it cuts down on the fustrations they have as well as helped with early speech development. I always signed as I talked to them. Some other easy good signs which we used often are: all done, dog, cat, hat and book.
Thanks for keeping a blog!


when i was a kid, here in Irvine (not too far from the faboo Scrapbook Oasis!)we had Lion Country Safari. Totally fun, except that our car had NO air conditioning, and we went in August, one of the hottest dang months here!


What a sweet, sweet picture! Your husband has the same photographic talent that you do!


How very nice :) I love to see the development & speed in which our daughter catches the signs. Makes me wish we started earlier :)


I sign with my 26 month old as well. Began doing it before we left the hospital. I have a number of Deaf friends and work as an interpreter, so it made sense that I would teach him to sign.
I also teach Mommy and Me classes using Garcia's book and curriculum from Garcia is currently working on a revised edition of his book. One of the points that will be changed in the book it starting time for teaching signs. Research has shown that starting earlier than 6 months is a plus.
Think of it this way...Deaf parents with hearing children don't wait til their children are 8 months to start signing to them. Why should we. ;)

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