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Tanya Webster

so glad you are feeling better!! Flu in a house of six pretty much just flat out me, we have done it :) Hugs to you!! T


gorgeous! You are soooooo talented, you should come to Canada and teach...
Maybe?? Have a great day!



I was sure Dawn was going to win with that comment! We'll see you in Roseburg soon!


The box is beautiful! I keep my touch stones in an old bandbox covered with wallpaper. Now that I have seen your box, I think everyone should have one in which to keep their treasures and momentos. You are so talented. Thanks for sharing your beautiful art with us.

Jenn N

Congrats to terri and lucky you, this box is beautiful!

Good to hear you are feeling better Karen and yes, as per Lynn's comment, please come to Canada (Ontario would be good).

sarah the kiwigirl

Its gorgeous and a great it!

Kay Ward

Glad you are feeling better, hope the rest of your family is too. Thanks for showing a picture of the other box, it may be an inspiration for trying a project with a box myself. i love the idea of keeping special photos close by.


Thanks so much. I can't wait to get this in the mail. I never win anything so I'm excited:)


So cool that Josh saw my "Go Beavs". I just had to throw that in after that amazing Bowl Game. What a way to end the season. By the way, my husband and I are not just huge Beaver Fans, but we're also Alumni.

Sue Thomas

I love, love, love this box, Karen!!!! Gorgeous!!!!! Sue

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