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Thanks so much for sharing! It looks like you had a wonderful time!
Happy Holidays to all!
...(and our Christmas lasted forever, too!)


i am losing my mind over the cuteness of that poncho you have AnnieBannanie in!! it looks like your Christmas was almost as insane as a happy new year to you & yours!!


That picture of coley with the baby doll is so dang cute! Looks like a wonderful christmas was had by all. thanks for sharing!

nicole harper

girl, i feel you on the Easy Bake yellow cake...we had the same one and it was nasty. we managed to eat every crumb though...what you do for your kids, you know?!


Whew I am pooped now! That was a LONG christmas, but it looks like a great one.

The photo of Annie with the paper chain in the background, wow she is growing up and her baby doll has her cute cheeks! I love it :)

So I wanted to see Ross's poster, looks like he loved it. Must of been one of him playing his guitar. Just love it when you get a picture that just screams 'awesome'!! (you get a lot of those and I am trying!!) Did he just have a blast on the cruise, someday I want to cruise up the coast of Italy.

Love the ducks and beavers checker game, how about that beaver game???? now 'that's what I'm talking about'!! lol

susanne ponce

the ponch on Annie is TOOOOOOOO cute! and Coley rocking the doll? how cute is that?? boy, that is a lot of places to go for Xmas.

Tanya Webster

WHY OH WHY am I the only one who is asking what the heck that is that Josh gave you hmmmmmmmm???? so I'm nosy and I wanna know....what is it???? :)

it really does look like an amazing, long, wonderful, tiring, perfect Christmas ever....the best kind I bet right?? ours too! :) Hugs to you and your sweet family Karen! T

Terry  D.

I guess I am nosy too...What did Ross get you for Christmas?

Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas.

Kay Ward

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas, so nice of you to share the wonderful pictures. (Boy, can I relate to wearing a skirt only when the jeans are all dirty, and I always used to wear skirts to church!) Happy new year to you and your family!

kim in Camas

Such great photos, now I feel like I spent Christmas with all of you. :)
Love the photo of Coley and Darla, that made me laugh out loud.
Hopefully the Ducks at least won the checkers game. :)

Kim Bolyard

All I can say is....I love that rocks. I want a baby girl to put it on. too cute


I so want your camera, or at least I want to know how to work mine better! Love Love Love all the pics!


Okay Coley has to be the funniest kid ever!! Love the picture of him with the doll and the story to go with it.

Christa H.

your family makes me smile with glee!


such heartwarming family photos. you're one lucky gal, karen russell. :)


Thanks for sharing the photos! Your kids are so cute! I especially LOVE the photo of Annie trying to get her tights off and that sweet little tongue sticking out...adorable!

Angie Grimm

I just found your blog and I am so glad that I did. I love your products and I love your blog.
Thanks for sharing your pictures there are fabulous!

Happy New Year!

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