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Hope you feel better soon! I don't post often but just want to tell you how I much I enjoy your blog. I really think you should be writing (as well as scrapping!) your story because it is amazing.

And I so appreciate how generous you are---sharing links as well as ideas and inspiration. I love how you answer questions (I, for one, wanna know where you found Annie's poncho--so cute! Don't tell me you made it).

I lived in Ashland, Oregon back when Scrapbook King was the only store in the I wish No Bare Pages had been there or that I could have taken one of your classes!

Also have to say it is very frustrating trying to find your products online----every site seems to carry some and not all and are SOLD OUT most of the time! I guess that is a good thing, but frustrating too.

Off to check out the photo overlays at!

Thanks again for sharing your story and art!

Robyn W

ge better soon


Sorry the fam is not feeling well. :( My fingers are crossed that you're feeling better by Friday! (I'm signed up for your class at Lasting Memories!!)

I just placed another order at with my class homework pictures - looking forward to the new inlays, too!

Passer of the germ here.......Jamey and Danielle both have it too. Sorry for spreading the love, call me when you have forgiven me and let me know how you are feeling.


Hey, Karen! You didn't like this box...I wanna see the other box! This is BEAUTIFUL!!!! AND I wouldn't mind taking it off your hands! LBMO!! Have a great Monday! MargieH in Chicago
P.S. Hope you & your family get better SOON!!

Tanya Webster

poor girl :( poor family :( Makes me sad for least you are all getting it out of the way now instead of passing it back and forth--sending you healthy vibes.....take care of yourself missy!!!

and tell Jill that St. Helens would realllllly like her to come and visit us too! :) T


Hey Girl, major bummers at your house. Glad you are starting on the road to mending. I have to say Poor Josh cause I am sure he is going to be next! Enjoy your weekend and say Hi to Miss Jill for me :)

Counting down the days till you are at No Bare Pages!! YEE HAW


You poor thing, get well soon !


Sorry you are all feeling's gone through everyone i know already. I hope you all get through it quickly.

I was wondering if you are releasing new product at CHA, and if you'll be posting a preview again.

Vicki Boutin

Hope you are all feeling better soon!!! The flu is NO FUN at all!!!!


Just getting over that nasty bug here too! Had to call in the Mom/Grandma calvery yesterday because I was laid out flat. Hope everyone's on the mend at your place.

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