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Love the box Karen...please enter me in your drawing, Thanks. Still hoping I can do the class on 2/17 but am waiting on DH's schedule. Love your classes! Keep doin' what you're doin'! Can you believe the babys' are going to be one in the next few weeks?!

Sarah murphy

I love the box karen, and would love to win it! thanks so much

Chris Hauck

Very cool! Please put my name in the drawing too.


Beautiful box.........throw my name in:).


Very cute box! I am looking forward to your class this Friday! See you then!

Jennie DeMichielli-Moreland

Cute Box. Would love to take it home. Also was a joy to see all your holiday celebrations.


Love the box idea! What type of box did you use?


Love the idea of a box full of the sweetest photos...

Susan M

I love your box and your class kits. Please enter me in your drawing.


Love the box and all your work.

Susan Bowers

Stumbled upon your blog fairly recently and am enjoying it immensely - even perused previous posts; have always enjoyed your work. love the box, throw my name in please to your drawing. susan


Love the box! (And that's the one you didn't like?? Can't wait to see the other one!) :)

Elizabeth B

as if I'd miss out on this opportunity!

happy new year Karen

btw...the 12days of Christmas was super fun to do, thanks so much for the idea. I think next year, I'd do it all on Christmas day though so he has more to open. I felt bad he didn't have much to open that day even though he had lots all month...
thanks again!
beautiful stuff, I have to make sure I order the box kit soon.


you rock!


Very, very cute! Hope I win. (:


I really love that box - you are so talented :)

elizabeth holder

terrific box
hope you pick my name


Hand over the box and no one will get hurt!:)

DeAnne Wakefield

me, me, meeeeeeeee!!!!



Great box! Enter me, please. :) Looking forward to seeing what everyone creates in your classes next weekend at Treasury of Memories!


Love the colors on that box - so cute!! Please entry me in your drawing.

Kay Ward

The box is wonderful Karen. Please put my name in the drawing! I hope you post a picture of the other box, too - would love to see it. I'm just finishing my second page from the transparency class kit. It's been such fun. I think the class friday at Lasting Memories is going to be great, can't wait :)


Cool box! One question--is that paper that looks like lace or did you actually use lace?

Love your blog--hope I can attend a class at a LSS soon!


I love the box and I love all your kits! (but you already know that!) DH's laptop was stolen and we had to cancel all our credit cards, etc so I am just waiting for some new ones so I can order the new kit! Can't wait to get my hands on it!

Stacey Hoover

Love the box and all you do.


love love love the box!!!


I've loved all your kits that I've got Karen - your such an inspiration and super talented! :) Darling box too!!! :)

Beth Toller

Beautiful box! I'd love to win it!


Gorgeous box Karen. Love your stuff.



I'd love to put some pics in the box and keep it out for anyone to grab a little handful. Kinda like the magazines at the doctors office, just a little something to keep ya busy. And I can't wait to see what you come up with this year for kits. They are always so beautiful.
~Tiffany M.


What a great idea, this box would be great for helping me with my New Year's resolution of organizing my photos.- Kim

Cathy Pascual

gorgeous box! would love to receive it!
Thanks for doing this drawing!

Jill Gross-LaFaye

I just recently started reading your friend Tammy Graves suggested that I view it..I read your entire blog last night and thru this morning..I am glad I did..I very much enjoyed it!..I am a mother of {3}..the youngest is almost 5 months..9 yrs. & 15 yrs.. I now have you on my link list on my blog for easy..daily viewing..Such sweet, beautiful children you have & you have wonderful ideas..your kits are absolutley amazing..great work!! Please enter me in the drawing for the beautiful box..Thanks & have a wonderful week!!


Adorable Box! Love your products Karen!


oooh, love it! i'm in

Judy Grubbs

really cute, I would love it. thanks


Gorgeous box! I love it! :)

laura Plunk

Looking forward to your class here at No Bare Pages, Phoenix, OR on Jan 22.
PS love the box, the blocks,the pages for the class.....
See you soon
laura P

Denise H

love the box!I enjoy reading your blog and your work is amazing.
denise H


Beautiful box!!! Love reading your blog.


Love your blog. Thanks for all the inspiration!!!



Love the box, please add my name.

Terri B

Like everyone else, love the box! Can't wait for the new class at The Scrapyard in Albany in February! The past classes and kits have been super! And Annie is SO big and cute! You must be so thrilled to have added her to your family! Terri B


Beautiful box...please include my name in your drawing.


I love reading your blog and seeing your lovely family grow up!
Just signed up for your newsletter today, too. Thanks for reminding your fans of the option!


OK, I really love the box. Very fun and creative. Please add me in for the drawing.


Jenn N

Just love the box and I could definitely make good use of it so throw my name in please.

Sara Berry

Love that box!!! Also love your products...they are so "me". Please add my name to your drawing...thanks.


Absolutely, please include my name. Your originality is so inspiring. I stood in front of a rack of your "stuff". I just love it and then I think, "can I do that magic" to make mine look as cool as yours. I picked up a few pieces. Fingers crossed :)

Tanya Webster

your classes hands down are the BEST classes there are EVER EVER EVER!! I'm not just sayin' is the total truth! I feel so fortunate to be able to take each one because they are sooooooo incredible and amazing every even if you came out with one new one a year I'd still be happy....(although I am even happier if there is more!!!! :) Happy Monday (??) to you!! T


ooh, would love to have my name in the drawing. All of your projects give me such inspiration! :)


ohhh it's beautiful!!


You are so creative. Just when I think I've seen it all - you come up with another treasure!



Love to have my name in the box for the box if you haven't done the drawing yet! :-)


Love to have my name in the box for the box if you haven't done the drawing yet! :-)

Kim Hacking

I love the all the beautiful stuff you create. Love to put all my treasured pictures in such a pretty box.

Mandy Starner

OOh OOh pick me pick me!! haha This box is rockin!! Your style is very unique. It's inspiring to do my stuff my way and not follow the leader. Thanks for the inspiration!

Robyn W

Love the blog, love your ideas
and love the box

Marie L

Oh I so love that box. It ROCKS! Please enter me.


Marie L

Sandi Anderson

Love it - pick me, pick me!!


Great box! Crossing my fingers.


Pick me! :)


LOVE it...

If I don't win I must make one of my own!


fingers crossed here in kentucky that you'll pick meeeeeeeeee


Like it, love it, really really want it!

Go Beavs!

Jodi Baldwin

Love It!!


Cool box.

fran heupel

Love the box and hope you and your family start to feel better. We have been fighting off the same flu this past week.

Fran Heupel

Beth Wollweber

Wow, what a Great idea, I would love to see it upclose. So wish you had some east coast slasses!!
Thanks for the chance, you are so nice. Beth


love the colors on the box. that blue is my fave. thanks for the rak! here's hoping!!!! hope you feel better soon

Michelle Crook

Definitely want a shot at this! Love your stuff. Hope all of you are better soon!!


Beautiful box. Please enter my name in the drawing. Btw - that flu that has been in your house has paid a little visit to mine as well - ugh! HOpe you all feel better!

beth logan

Love it! Please consider me entered too.

Hope you are feeling better soon!


I would love to be in your drawing. I need a pick-me-up and some new creative energy my way!


It's a very nice box. I would love to win it and it will definitely be my new baby girl keepsake box.

Michelle T.

ooooh! I hope I'm not too late! Thanks for doing this!


The box is gorgeous! Please put my name in too!

Kim Bolyard

Great box...put my name in too.



I love the box! Please enter me in the draw too!
I wish I could go to one of your classes, but I live in Canada. Although, I did get to Lasting memories last summer and loved the store!


Love the box Karen! I'm taking one of your classes at Treasury of Memories next weekend - can't wait!


Cute box! I would also like to be included in your drawing. Thanks!!

Sue Malkowski

OOhh!! I wwould love to be in the drawing, your stuff is always so great!! Inspiring for me!

Donna Matthews

Love the box! I love all your stuff.


Karen - Hope you feel better soon. I received my "Outside of the Box" kit today and can't wait to get started. Your papers are just beautiful, I think I need to buy somemore.......I hope am the lucky one to win the box. I became a "great aunt" today, so I feel lucky!



That box is gorgeous!!


Just started to read your blog recently. Your designs are gorgeous!

Rachel G.

I love the box & the idea of all your favorite photos in one pretty little place. If I win I won't need to make one for myself;) If I don't, this is definetly a project that I'll make.
Happy new year!


Love this box and the idea of it. Thank you for giving it to someone--hope it's me, but happy for anyone who receives it. Carol

Linda A. (elendae)

What a lovely photo box - please enter my name in your drawing! :)


you are so cool - thanks! can i be entered, too, please?
and can't i leave your photo in it iffn i win?! :o)

Linda A. (elendae)

PS Check out my blog - I just posted a new BE Carol clock using your new Sweet Pea line! :)


mememe pick me!


What a darling box! Too cute. Hope you're feeling better!


Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be entered in the box drawing.
Too cute.


Please enter me in the drawing. Hope you're all feeling better soon!


Very cool!


Could I be lucky enough?

Kathy C.

Hope you and entire family feel better soon! Sign me up for the drawing...thanks! ;-)

jodi e

darling... I would love it! Jodi E.


Beautiful! Enter me, please! Hope you all are feeling better!

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