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awww Karen..buying jeans is THE worse! Trust me when I say that. But after all the jeans shopping last summer, I came to a conclusion that every sales gal recommended 'Paige' Jeans to prevent that 'flat' butt. So I tried them on and she was right - my butt was 'lifted' instantly haahaa...they were Paige Hollywood Hills - get them only when there is a major sale or online...

Alison Shearer

Buying clothes of any description is a challenge for me at the moment - jeans are a good example of how hard it can be. Getting older, childbirth, too much scrapping and not enough exercise are my excuses (oops Reasons!!)....and I'm so not sure about Josh's helpful comment.I guess it's goo that he'll tell you!



"...and that's when i hit him, your honor."


I have a whole bunch of butt pictures too...oh well, I guess that means dh likes it!

robyn bedsaul

OMG, the horror of that stranger! I love what Valerie wrote!

kristina proffitt

I'm in the same boat, Karen! I cannot for the life of me find that perfect pair of jeans! Argh! I hate how all of the jeans that are cute are mostly those "low rise" jeans. I bought a pair of those and I'm always pulling them up because it feels like my booty is hanging out! ;) I cannot believe that some stranger actually said that to you! The nerve of some people!


I blame that on all five of mine!!! unfortunately I have no excuse!


How rude! I believe that you can never really trust dressing room lights and those awful full length mirrors. No one feels good in there!


If you have a Macy's near you, try the Style and Co. stretch jeans. They aren't horribly priced and they give you enough stretch around the tummy where carry those babies stretched me out. I really like them they're comfy. Good luck finding a pair of jeans.



HOLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYY! Aren't people charming. Is honesty always the best policy? Great story though!

Tanya Webster

ok, first off i cannot even believe someone said that to you because you are far from having a big butt....truly!

second, if you are still nursing or just takes a while for those baby girl hormones to get out of your system and your body to suck back to its normal shape..

third, RUN to the GAP because they have awesome jeans there....try the Long and Lean or the Original Boot Cut...I'm serious, try it and then tell me I'm wrong :)

you look awesome all the time...i'd have left crying if someone said that to me....did you at least give them a dirty look????? poor girl :(


I feel your pain about the jean issue and cookie dough contribution. I feel your pain and the issues related to husband controlling the camera. However, as I am typing this from my home and not prison I can thankfully say I can only guess how you feel after the unsolicited advise of a stranger.

alissa fast

you're a better woman than me, i'd have slugged him! :)


Can you believe the nerve of some people???? A total stranger!!!

Kay Ward

That strange man must be from Mars or perhaps Uranus (sorry if that's in poor taste) since he thinks complete rudeness is a good quality to share with strangers! Pay no attention to him. I agree with Tanya's comment above. Those Gap jeans fit great, either the long and lean or bootcut. They come in tall or regular lengths, too!


I've got the flat wide butt too. I call it Nebraska.

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