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Perfectly justifiable gripes. Sometimes life just lifes at you, and it's okay to say it's not easy.

Leigh Ann Brown

When it rains, it pours, huh? Seriously, I think all moms can totally relate to those "yucky" times when you feel off-balance and everything seems to fall apart. Sorry this is one of those times for you. I must say, though, this is one of the reasons people love you--you're so REAL! Hope the week gets better!


ugggh. I'm sorry. That sounds pretty sucky :(

I hope tomorrow is better day!


Karen hugs to you and Annie. I know it's hard but it will be ok. I love the photo of Annie. I really want to learn to take photo's like you do I just love them.


Well, I'm glad to see you back! I've missed your blog. I'm sorry you're having a rough time-I hope it gets better soon!

Michelle T.

Go ahead and complain! You are not alone!!! It's all worth it and I know from all your blogging that you know that too. I hope you get a good laugh in soon to relieve some pressure. Sorry about the nursing. Hard as rocks, huh? Sending some empathy your way!

Tammy Rasmussen

Hey Karen
When I am feeling like that my first plan is to try a Pepsi Slurpee. If that doesn't work I move to the "hard stuff".......Diet Dr. Pepper (44 ounce). Ok....sometimes it takes a glass of wine. I wish I had a solution for you but my life is pretty crazy right now too. I enjoy my down time when I can get on the internet and read "Karen's blog". You always make me feel so good.



{{HUGS}} to you...if it's any consultation my list of gripes this week is longer than yours. I SO feel your pain. DH is out of town on business a lot so it's me with the four takes a toll on you.

Sorry about your drive too...I know there are some amazing recovery programs out there, hope someone can help you get at least part of what you lost back.

Chin will get has no where but up to go, right!

Karen Darmanie

Let me start by saying I feel your pain. I have a 13 month old, Olivia- and a one month old, Sam. I nursed Olivia for only four months... she nursed every two hours and we were both exhausted. Now little Sammy.. has reflux so bad and doesn't sleep well. I stopped breastfeeding yesterday and today he is a new baby. Although I'm in terrible pain with engorgement...I hope you don't go thru that. So I understand your feelings. Just know you are the only one that knows what's best for you and Annie. And I promise you... Annie will be fine !!!! first married name was Karen Russell !!!
Hugs to you and Annie...and hang in there !!!


Your so real!


Hang in there, Karen. It's okay to let it out - that's what blogs are for. I am crazy about your Wildberry line that was at CHA - can't wait to get my hands on it.


Just sent ya an email.

Annie is so friggin adorable! She's got the same hairdo my girls have right now. Their hair is getting longer in the front, so I've just been using those little clippies A LOT!

Hang in there girly!


And so glad that bum shot isn't the first thing I see now. ; )
sorry, probably not what you needed.
Love Annie's sweater!

Kay Ward

There's something very cathartic about getting the gripes out. Better out than in! I hope things smooth out soon. I remember very well stopping nursing; try to be good to yourself with a nice warm bath or candles or whatever makes you feel pampered - even if it's only for 10 minutes give yourself a little time that's special. I can sympathize with the hard drive crash, too. I've had a couple really bad computer crashes, both involved sending the thing in for repairs. It's just the pits. Sometimes the road of life has big, nasty bumps. Hugs to you, Karen!


Let me start off by saying if my rear end looked as good as yours it would be my banner on my blog...LOL Sorry Joanna, had to share the gospel according to the big girl (Me! :))

Secons, sorry about the pain issues. Even though I didn't breastfeed I very well remember the whole pain HOLY COW issue...Hope you feel better soon. Hang in there, Annie will adjust.

SO, so, sorry about your hard drive. But...water under the bridge just like you said hun.

As for the big decisions, you and Josh will make the right choices no matter what they are. You are both level-headed and time will lead the way.

Hope you had a BLAST at CHA, so envious of you and your uber talent.

Always here to listen, just shoot me an email.
OHHHH, and I want you to see the layout I did with a plain transparency! So inspired by your DVD and kit! Thanks K!


Tanya Webster

no, you really do need swift kicks in the behind! :) you need sympathy and someone to come take care of you....wish I were closer :( Lots of prayers for you sweetie! T

Terri B

So glad you made it home safe. Having (almost) raised 4 children I can tell you that is an up and down trip. Quitting breast feeding is a beast! For all involved and even for those not involved, but just happen to live in the same house. Hope tomorrow looks brighter. And decisions will be made, and if you and Josh make them they will be right for you all. Good luck and take care.


Isn't it crazy how life get all tangled up some times?! I hope that things settle down for you soon and peace finds it's way back.




Just wanted to say congrats on the Legacy gig. I got the latest issue where they announced you. I know you will be a wonderful addition to the magazine.


oh man, i can totally relate. i had the same experience when i stopped breastfeeding one of my girls. & i can totally understand tryign to work with kiddos everywhere. total sadness on the harddrive.......major ugh.
but the picture of annie signing is entirely too cute!!
i spent a while yesterday copying/saving your layouts on a disc. they totally inspire me. i love your style.
just ordered a huge order of you product, came yestserday, happyday.
hope things get better


I used all my swift kicks on my 11yo son, who really has nothing to complain about, so you get the sympathy. Here's hoping that everything falls into place quickly and the blues go away. You're always so upbeat...everyone needs a chance to gripe.

Michelle Gauthier

Ugh. Life is just not going your way right now. I hope this passes quickly and you get some peace. Sending hugs...


sometimes a little sympathy is JUST what you need. you have it from here. we ALL struggle with the SAME darn things. just take a deep breath and really look around. you know it's really all good. prayers and hugs, Stephanie


Hey Girl, life is sometimes a really bummpy road and you sound like you are in road construction!! It is ok to get down once in a while, good grief you always have a ton on your plate!! 4 kids (let me remind you that you are a GREAT mom), a husband, and a job that you really like but hey it is still a job and it takes a LOT of time. Give yourself a break because you deserve it and you will get thru this funk - hugs


I hope things calm down for you. Take care!


we can all relate i am sure!!!!! Just thought I would let you know I took your advice about the camera and the lens and am now the proud new owner of the 30d and the 50mm lens.... Thanks you so much for your advice and your inspiration... If you ever get a minute check my blog to see my picture... Still learning but so happy with the camera! Thanks again, enjoy the sunshine today cause it is snowing here and cold!


Laura P

Sorry to hear about your bad times, but you have so many people out there who love you, We even want to listen to your complaints. Maybe my day doesn't seem so bad compared to yours.
Hope things look better to you soon.
Happy Feb 1st
laura P


I'm so sorry things are rough for you right now...motherhood is so that way, isn't it? If I was there I'd give you a big hug. cry with you and eat those onion rings right along side you!!!! I know that feeling about giving up was such a grieving process for me too...all five times...sometimes when I'm feeling down, I go create something and that usually begins to lift my spirits...hope that helps a little...we're all empathizing with're in my prayers! Love and Hugs!


Don't feel bad about sharing what is real life. Many of us have been, are, or are about to go through the same stuff. Just remember tomorrow is another day and we can always try to make it a better one. I'm living through lifes' ups and downs right now too:(

cheryl mezzetti

She is absolutely beautiful, you are an amazing artist and mother and I am priveledged to have met you.

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers....and this too shall pass.



Angie Grimm

Hope you are feeling back to yourself soon. Some days it just seems like the world is on your shoulders. But look at that sweet baby - is that picture the most precious ever! So sweet.
Oh and I LOVE today's post about the singing. Isn't one of the best parts of parenting embarrassing your kids???
Have a great weekend!

kim in Camas

Roll with it, this is balance. I am always wanting this even keel thing in my life, but what I realize is it's the ebb and flow that is really true balance.
I am amazed with what you DO get done with 3 little ones and one big one, not to mention a SO.
I hope you next few days are better.

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