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i say Feb 14th. since she's such a little love anyway, what better day to start?


My daughter was/is the same way with table food. I wish I could be encouraging but at 16 months. She still prefers cheerios and baby food. I really can't believe that since this is my 3rd kiddo that I would have this feeding thing down.

But I guess she exerting her powers as baby of the family.



Ok so I say April 1st because she has been 'fooling' you and can secretly walk already! lol Ok so I have not had my coffee yet :)

When my son was that age, his favorite 'find' was flies in the window seals. YIKES Man I had to keep the vacuum after the windows all the time. I love to tease him about that now that he is a Daddy! ha ha

Ps check out Old Navy when you come over for class. They have some GREAT Christmas kids clothes on sale. I picked up a couple things for next year. Gotta love a good deal!


that's so stinking bet: January 29th...

and, uh, ross might need some intervention!


She is so adorable. I love the pics you post of her. She just makes me smile.

I pic Feb 17 - no reason - just because



LOL at ross! ;)
she is too darn cute !!! Love the pics


So I say it will happen, I win :)

Love the cheerio and the dog hair, touchy subject in this household.

Oh and way to go Ross.... my birthday is November 42nd!



Can she be any cuter??????

Angie Grimm

She is absolutely adorable and that photograph is priceless but what I really want to see if the picture of DH!!!

Have a great weekend.

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