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I bet that boy of yours will be a heartbreaker to lots of girls !


Love the hearts and love that you notice them! Good for you for letting Cole call you on the house phone. I feel like I rushed thru my kids childhood sometimes. It is good to take time :)

Hey the 22nd is drawing near!

So is today your Birthday?????


they really do make it all worthwhile, sometimes!


So incredibly sweet! :)

laura Plunk

That is just about the sweetest thing .... I miss my "big" 26 & 15 year old boys when they were little and did sweet things too. Not that they don't still do ( yes 15 year old Robin still calls me "Mommy" sometimes)
Hope none of the children ever need to call you to come and get them.
laura p


Kids do the sweetest things.....

Tanya Webster

I'm guessing that hamburgers might be something COLEY really likes maybe?? :) Lovin' the hearts on the shower door though man, THAT is what it's all about!! :) T

oh yeah, and Happy Birthday if today is really the day!!! :)


your little sassy pants needs to hook up with my sassy pants neice. oy - her mom will be insane before she's through.


My kids are always asking me what would I do if someone took them from me. I'm not even sure where it all comes from but it's scary just to think about. I made small laminated "emergency phone lists" for the kids out of my scrapbook supplies. Each page has a photo of a family member or close trusted friend and their phone numbers, the entire thing is laminated and held together with a circle ring embellished with ribbons. They keep them in their backpacks. They like them and always pull them out to "practice" making phone calls also!

Anna-Marie Still

True bliss!

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